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Hi am balajiprabhu here!!!!!

am 48 year old suffering from T2 from the past 6 years .i have undergone pancreas surgery,half of the pancreas removed .my fbs was under 110 ppbs 250.hba1c 6.2. 3 years back i had septic shock from then onwards my sugar level are always highlike my fbs more than 150 ppbs 350 and above .as per doctors advice am on insulin pump taking almost 100 units per day,but still my sugar levels are not coming down to add these i have these burning sensation in my foot and numbness in both toes .at present my hba1c is 11.one doctor diagnosed my case as dumping syndrome.my c- peptide was 4.2 after 6 months its 2.7 am really confused .pls help me by ur valuable suggestions.

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What do you eat daily? Are there any other medications?


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