Newly detected diabetic still in denial

hi this is my first hour into this site....never worried about health issues.... not much of a suddenly "diabetes" seems to be the only word i hear all the time....i am told my pancreas has gone for a toss and i have to start on meds to control my sugar....i am still in denial....any one who can help.... my HbA1c is at 7.8 and my last reading of FB was 124 and PP was 139.....

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  • A reading of 7.8 from a HbA1c test is what my current diabetic Consultant regards as 'wonderful' although, as you will know, all diabetics are different, react to foods differently and therefore have different readings. I presume you have been informed of the necessity to keep your blood glucose level under control, your cholesterol and your weight. You do not mention whether or not you test at home. Some GP's will not prescribe lancets, needles and everything else you will need to manage your blood glucose and this is because they are expensive and because your last HbA1c reading was 7.8 you will not be regarded as a diabetic at risk. Have you had any retinopathy tests? Are you registered at a dedicated diabetic clinic? Have you been referred to a dietician? Have you begun metformin (an oral anti-diabetic medication) which is usually what new diabetics are given as a first port of call. Have they mentioned a glucose tolerance test? All of these questions are important because you give very little information apart from the fact that you are still 'in denial' over your diagnosis. It is a common reaction although having said that when I was given my diagnosis I was that ill I couldn't have given a damn. I had no frame of reference knowing no one in my family with diabetes nor anyone else come to that. When my GP examined me she could find nothing wrong although she did somewhat laughably say that I was 'poorly' - my first reaction to that was to think to myself that it wouldn't require seven years at medical school to observe that. It was only when I mentioned my excessive thirst that the eureka moment happened and she did the finger prick test and at that time my blood glucose level was off the scale (meters cannot measure any reading above 33). That was some 17 years ago and at the present moment my blood glucose levels are around 8.3 as an average calculation but to have achieved that I take metformin, statins, asprin, and one long acting insulin injection (74 units) in the mornings and the same in the evenings and also a short acting insulin (26 units) 10 minutes before every meal. It can be an arduous journey, my friend, and wishing to take my diabetes under control by my own means, I asked question after question after question which some people do not. I have been hospitalised four times because of my diabetes and that angers me quite simply because the NHS being under pressure (not to mention the fact that Jeremy Hunt seems determined to dismantle the entire structure of the NHS in a very ill thought plan to save money) as it is how much is the cost of sending out an ambulance (£350), pay the wages of the paramedics, the nurses and those poor junior doctors who are absolutely run off their feet writing notes regarding one patient whilst walking to see the next in line. Education is the important key here and as much education you can gather the more able you will become of how to control your diabetes. I wish you well.

  • thanks for the reply. I am a female of indian origin. I am on meds for hypertension. My weight is 46kg.I stand 5'2" tall. My cholesterol is normal...though HDL is at used to be at 60. Yes i do take my sugar readings at home. In fact i have become pretty obsessed with it. What i have noticed is when the fasting is high then rest of the readings during the day stays high. I am not any meds for the diabetes.

  • Have they given you ramipril for your hypertension? These are what I have been given by the diabetic consultant since they are not only useful for hypertension but for protection of the kidneys which is especially important for diabetics. What I cannot understand is why you have been given the diagnosis of diabetes (Type 2) yet not been given medication for this. Obsession with meter readings at home is a good rather than a bad thing. Are you keeping a diary of your readings? You ought to do. Show that to whoever it is who first informed you that you are a diabetic and they may be able to explain further not only why you have been given the diagnosis yet no medication. There are many, many, many side effects to any type of diabetes including limb amputations, blindness and, sometimes, death. Let me know how you get on.

  • Yes i am on ramipril at night and as well as amlodipine/metoprolol succinate in the morning for hypertension. My doctor is pretty cool. Four weeks back my Hba1c was 7.8 and today my results show 7.2 I have cut out on rice and bread and desserts. I try to power walk for at least half hour. Try to get in 20 to 30 minutes of HIIT at least a couple of times a week. Yes i have been maintaining my readings and i have found my highest reading at home has been 173 once the day i indulged in rice for lunch. Other times it hovers between 120 and 140 random. I think my doctor did not put me on meds immediately as i must have exhibited my anxiety. This way i am at least pushing myself to get in some lifestyle changes. I just hope i can sustain my current diet. I love sugar and sweet stuff.

  • I was diagnosed at 7.8 4.5 years ago, after a lot of hard work in watching my carbs, exercising, trying to lose weight etc I was 6.1at my last test in December (another test due in 6 weeks).

    You should go onto the website and read up on Type 2 diabetes and do their educational module. Ask your diabetic team/GP to send you on an educational course like the one that I did a few years ago (have done 2 follow up refresher courses since). It was really helpful.

    A lot of people will recommend the Low Carb High Fat diet, and this may well suit you, although it doesn't suit everyone. Reducing your carbs though is a good thing to do - I have around 150g per day spread over 3 meals with up to 45g per day for snacks or treats if necessary. It seems to be working for me and I would recommend that you get the book Carbs & Cals by Chris Cheyette (available as an app too) to check on portion size.

    Please take the advice of your GP/diabetic team, and don't become complacent, the complications from not doing something about trying to control your blood glucose are dreadful so you don't want your levels to go any higher than they already are.

  • Can I just chime in with another suggested read? Dr Michael Moseley's The Eight Week Blood Sugar Diet. it's done me the world of good! JanR

  • Don't know about all the other PP's and whenever youare abbreviating but I do know the a 1C. I too never had a problem until prednisones. I have found cutting carbs has kept me off of medicine since July 2015. I also find that stress emotional and physical will raise my blood sugar dramatically. But those are temporary increases. Cut out the carbs and see what happens. I do eat only berries which have very little sugar. It may not be forever. You have nothing to lose and it has worked for me I am still on 20 mg of prednisone and have a long way to go. This is where you learn patience and control. Keep us informed.

  • Please take a look at the DIABETES RESEARCH AND WELLNESS group on HU AND THEIR WEBSITE. You can go to the leaflets section of information and read about what diabetes is. Go to:

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