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I have to go through a surgery and thoroughly investigated for this reason. For 6 years I have been taking diabetes medicines sans any improvement. My surgery is postponed as my HBA1C Report showed 9. Doctor prescribed gliclazide BD, vidagliptin BD, ramipril 5 and1/2 HS as my blood pressure showed 160/80. In spite of taking all these drugs no improvement is noticed. I am upset. Surgery is a must. What to do next?

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  • I think you should change your doctor.For diabetes from oral drugs to insulin is a must for you.A change in diet is also overdue .Must cut down carbohydrate intake drastically and increase fat intake.Some physical work, excercise or a daily walk should be part of routine.

    But details only if you can share bs figures and details of diet and you're weight.

  • Increasing fat intake is not an option for those of us with other health problems such as gallstones and problems with Arteriosclerosis!

  • You are right. If there is gallstone,fat intake should be reduced,as fat causes contraction of gb leading to exacerbation of condition.Please get gall stones removed as early as possible.

    I still hold the view that a proper diabetologist or endocrinologist should be consulted.

  • Yes if the "Healthy" HIGH CARB LOW FAT Diet has already damaged the body to an extent that going under the knife has become a necessity then one is surely out of luck as far as LCHF goes. Gallstones, artery damage/clogging, obesity, GI troubles on "Healthy" High Carb Low Fat diet is not surprising. It is part and parcel of the so called healthy and balanced diet, designed to make the pharma companies and everyone involved in medicare business rich.

  • Switch to LCHF Diet.

  • Check out an herb called Gymnema Silvestre. The extract is effective. It rebuilds pacreatic beta cells I beleive. But it has lowered my numbers in 1 month of use. Not dramatically but iys workin.

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