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When business allows

Been told they are moving me to another work place as taking my insulin should be done when business allows! Also suffer from arthritis and neuropathy! Taking lots of pain killers including Gabapenton ! I now have to drive which causes me great pain and discomfort  which I told them and there answer is take a train!!! No disabled facilities are avaliable at this station and i struggle with stairs! I am so tearful at this moment and not in a good place. The boss also wants to investigate my medication so it can be changed to allow me to work late shifts!! My pain killers make me drowsy! Surely this can be right? I'm so down and keep crying , any advice please 

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Sadly ragivrao whilst some aspects of the NHS are more than worth their very weight in gold, as a whole the service is just too reactive.  Were it to take a proactive approach to health not only could this nation's health as a whole improve but the money, mostly spent just trying to stay afloat under the weight of demand, could be better utilised to treat serious conditions that are currently neglected.

As you suggest, the best treatment can just come down to having the right GP from whom to seek advice.  Sometimes location helps but this should not be the case.  Training, application and services should be the same for all.

Far from being superior the UK doesn't even get into the top 10 in Europe uk.businessinsider.com/the-... - on a global ranking this report puts Japan at the top.  This isn't down to how much money is paid into the service, or the dedication of its staff, but to how it is operated. And, yes, I do realise that there are benefits from access to a free service but you only have to look through the various communities on HealthUnlocked to see how it fails its customers time and time again.

Health education has to start with the young so that they can learn how to protect their future.  Bring back the school nurse and let's put the subject on the curriculum too.  Diet, nutrition and environment needs to be a full module in medical training as well.

PS I am not advocating privatisation of the service.  It once was excellent and could be again but not in its current edition.


Cazanne a long time ago I was getting to the stage that my arthritis was crippling not just me but my lifestyle too.  Quite by accident I discovered that, amongst my many allergies and sensitivities, meat was what was causing the problem.  Turning vegetarian was a life changer (especially as meat was my favourite food and I hated cooked vegetables) . 

At the same time I had a friend whose arthritis was so bad she needed 24/7 care.  She too investigated diet through Damian Downing's specialist food allergy clinic yorktest.com/ .  From being so crippled she couldn't uncurl from a foetal position she got so much mobility back we ended up playing squash at the local sport centre.  I don't know if there is a similar facility in your area but contacting the clinic might be worth a try.  It is expensive but I can vouch for the fact that the end result really truly IS worth every single penny.

In the meantime have you ever looked at curcumin or sour cherries as alternative pain relief mechanisms?  Also have your thyroid (t4 & t3 not just  TSH) and vitamin D & B12 levels checked.

Another reason to look at diet is your diabetes (and thyroid if that shows up).  I don't know if you have type 1 or type 2 but diet can have a tremendous impact here (and I do not mean the diet recommended by the nhs or UK diabetics associations).  Type 2 diabetics can completely reverse their condition, even when relying on medication control.  Type 1 diabetics can improve their dependence on insulin.

If you do not have access to union support then contact CAB citizensadvice.org.uk/about... for advice on your employment issues - don't be bullied into 'going it alone'.


Please tell me how to change my diet


Assuming you are based in the UK then you may be offered some protection against discrimination by the discrimination legislation - particularly that relating to disabilities - which include any long term condition that affects your life and might require your employers to make adjustments.  As linlow advises - speak to union if you have one - or try contacting the CAB


just received letter from company stating that as I am taking insulin at a busy time it now has a detrimental affect on the business !( they knew times i took this when they moved me here so why the sudden concern?) They have also sent a form for me to complete and sign for Medigold to contact my GP as the company would like me to change times of all my meds in order to do evening work! this is not possible as i take pain medication for my arthritis at certain times and also have neuropathy due to my diabetes. I am registered disabled and can prove this! surely this is discrimination??.It was also stated in letter that A CUSTOMER (yes one) has complained about me going off and taking my insulin....whats it got to do with him!!!( i know who he is)..I feeling very down at this time, (take venlafaxine for depression)...Have pain clinic tomorrow at hospital and then i will arrange appointment with doctor to discuss what the company are doing and how they are treating me. At the moment i just don't want to even get out of bed I'm so down about all this.


Now been signed off work ! Doctor stopped the amitriptalin and double the dose of VENLAFAXIN to 150mg also changed gobapenton to pregablin and now have to take this twice a day at 150mg... All other meds remain the same! .... Now just to wait and see if this helps me


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