Annual Diabetic review.

When going for my annual review the surgery asks you to fast for 14 hours. Different web sites give different times from 8 to 12 hours never 14.

A couple of years ago I said that I had only fasted for 12 hours and the nurse refused to do it. At the follow up appointment the phlebotomist said of her 'Silly woman'

Is there a right or wrong fasting time ?

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  • Good question, I have only ever been asked to fast for 12hrs for blood tests. I would be interested in a definitive answer, will watch this space :-)

  • Now I just lie when I go:-)

  • :-D

  • When I had one at a major London teaching hospital they said eight hours .

  • Some GP practices like people to fast, it is mainly for the cholesterol test, AFAIK none of the other tests are affected by the fasting - most web sites state 9 - 12 hours as sufficient. 14 hours is ridiculous

  • I used to have to fast for 12 hours (which included sleep obviously) but now for my HbA1c and my cholesterol checks I no longer have to fast at all. I believe there is now a new way of testing that doesn't need fasting.

  • I will ask about that when I next see the doctor.

  • I've no idea is the honest answer. Perhaps its regional variations. Or a progression of my condition. I'm inclined to go with ceejayblue . I no longer have to fast. I'm not too bothered either way. I never found it difficult, but know several people who struggle to survive without their morning cuppa.

  • It is not a problem but there should be a definite time.

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