Feeling so depressed, such a waste!

I hate feeling this low, when you don't enjoy anything, you just want to sit down or sleep, you just don' t ten joy things and everything becomes a chore, it is especially annoying because you know what it is like to feel ok and the worlds seems a much better place. I am so irritable and upset by the slightest thing, my children are hard work at the moment as one is doing gcses but going through a bad 'teenager' behaviour spell and my other two just want everything teir own way all the time, it is so draining, feel nothing to look forward to just work and drudge at home, other people seem to be always out enjoying themselves and wish I wanted to or had the time! Life is passing by, and I feel like this, I try and be positive but it is is difficult

Thanks for listening to my rant, I felt I had to write it down! Lucykris

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  • Hi

    I feel for you as I know it feels awful to be feeling low like that, it does really seem like a waste which of course it is, we could be enjoying life and instead let life pass us by. I have lots of days like that too, although knowing that probably won't help you, I never find it helpful to know other people feel the same way but there's not a lot else I can say. Depression is shitty! Do keep ranting when you need to, I know I do. Suexxx

  • Hi

    You have just described depression to a "T", the feeling of not wanting to do anything is so difficult as we all have houses to look after and jobs maybe. I have friends that always seem to be so happy more because it is there makeup than anything else. When you feel good it's great and when you feel horrible it's such a dark cloud. Do hope it won't be long before you are feeling more like yourself.

  • Know the exact feeling and it's so hard when all you want to be is 'normal' and your old self agani. I wish I could capture the old me and hang on to it. I am getting there but it is a slow process.Always good to have a rant especially to people who understand exactly how you feel. Hope you are 'up' again soon.xx

  • You can make a difference. Volunteering is a good way to make a diiference.

    The most important person is you.

    Depression is compilcated and hard work.

    There are processes which make your life better.

    See you GP for anti depressents, they help the symptoms

    A better strategy is:

    Mind, Body & Spirit.

    Mind, Keep your mind active, be stimulated, learning new skills, hobby ,being creative

    Body equates to physical fitness regularly and keeping a good food pattern.

    Spirit equates to having a good social life, a pet, feeling as if you making a diifference, e.g volunteering.


  • Hi LuckyKriss. Do I know, like all the rest of us on here know, what you are going through, the never ending pain [ sometimes less but still there ] the tiredness, depression, irritability, thoughtlessness from family and friends, the feelings of being out of control [ this is a really bad one for me, as, no matter what has happened to me in the past [ I`m 76 now ] I have always managed to have control ] the feeling that your life has been taken away, because you can`t enjoy thing like you used to, and what the hell is it all about, and the fact that, if somone actually asks how you are, THEY DON`T REALLY WANT TO KNOW, HOWEVER, take heart, you are not on your own on this site, and as has been said from the other people on this site, rant and rave as much as you like, and if you can find other people with fibro who live near you, perhaps you could meet up with them, and start your own coffee morning etc., anything that will take your mind off of the fact you have fibro and are feeling lousy [ I know this is difficult sometimes, because you just feel you have`nt got the the get up and go to to be bothered, try and keep POSITIVE ] distract yourself as much as you can, and do things for yourself that make you feel better, cosset yourself, and don`t let your kids make you a victim, take control. Well think, I`ve carried on enough [ probably because

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