Hi I'm new to this. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for about a year now. I was on anti depressants but I feel like they didn't help me. I can't find free councelling anywhere and I am now finding it difficult to get out of bed. Iv quit my job and am not myself I have pushed all my friends away through ignoring them or being rude which is not like me at all. Don't know what to do or what helps.


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  • Hi there are lots of different ad's and one of them should suit you, so don't give up if one type doesn't work. Are you in the UK? If you are then you should qualify for NHS counselling though they are restricting it these days due to cost.

    I would go back to your doctor and tell him/her what is happening and ask for help. Bear in mind meds and/or counselling is all a doctor can offer.

    The other way is to try self help. You will find online treatment and also have a look at mindfulness. x

  • Hi thanks for replying, I am in the uk I received free nhs councelling earlier on in the year when it first started which did help but I can't have anymore because I have already done the six sessions. Have spoken to my doctor and he just ups the dosage which I don't want. I will have a look online, thank you x

  • Educating yourself and understanding depression and things that go along with that are crucial to your recovery. Pills help take the edge off but knowing and understanding is the best medicine . Your mind is the biggest healer of all it can get you threw a lot in life . Good luck . And we are here for you.

  • Google mind gym or living life to the full. You must push yourself to do things. Set a plan for every hour of the day for the next week. Go see your GP and try a different antidepressant. Need to socialise. Being alone with your thoughts is really bad. Get a job even volunteering, but something to give you structure to the day and social contact.

    Talking treatments should be available through your GP if you are in the uk. A church minister may help.

    Good luck

  • Go online and look I E S O health you can register and talk to a therapist for free anytime

  • Hi I tried to google this AM but couldn't find it. Can you put the link on here please? Thanks. x

  • Thank you very much. x

  • Your condition much be really getting you down. Where are you in the world ? The USA ?

    It is important that you go back to medication, Do not be deterred, sometimes is can take an extended period before you find The Medication to suit you. CBT I understand can be expensive if you need to pay for it.

    Being insular and withdrawing from your friends is one of those things that is power to the course and it is important you fight this negativity and get back to people who may be able to give some measure of support.

    To help you relax, something that can be included in CBT is Relaxation Techniques. The system used in the UK is The Mindfulness Technique, this system includes other techniques you may find of use. Books on this Technique can be purchased on Amazon

    You could also, learn how to control your breathing, this can also slow down and help you relax and control panic attacks

    Let us know how you get on and we are here to help in some possible ways


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