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I have medical anxiety I had an angina episode it’s now started up my anxiety it’s horrendous constantly worrying that ever pain is a heart attack😩😩😩 coming

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I'm sorry your having such problems the fact the you are reckonising your previous worries maybe time for you to visit your doctor if only put you for you to put your mind at rest all the best david

4020 in reply to Celtic27

I have made an appointment to speak to GP

Celtic27 in reply to 4020

I wish you luck and hope things get better for you david

Hello David all fair to middling ?

Hi Bob I'm getting there just slowly I hurt my left leg a few weeks ago ! I hope you hazel and pax are all ago well take care david

David what did you do with your leg. ?


If you are suffering Angina, talk to your GP, However Anxiety can cause Angina.

Phone your GP for an appointment, get checked over


4020 in reply to borderriever

I phoned GP got over the phone consultation she has added another tablet and to go for blood test and blood pressure check tomorrow x

borderriever in reply to 4020

Very pleased for you good luck


Joewi what is the link you sent me please

Sorry just scrolled down and got the information am currently on Antidepressants am just going through a difficult time but thank you so much for caring x

Well he good news is that the symptoms are different enough to tell the difference. Angina stays in the heart/chest area. Either way, a change in diet and body movement will help.

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In what way do you mean change in body movement please do you mean exercise.So angina only hurts in heart /chest area thank you that should help me to stop worrying is it another HT .your reply has been very encouraging thank you 🙏

Lazy_dog_lover in reply to 4020

Exercise and other things that would be non-tradirional exercises, like going up and down stairs, putting groceries or dishes on high or low shelves, Hoovering, etc.

Thank you

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