Personal Hygiene and Depression

I know this is gross, but I'm just curious how many other people struggle with personal hygiene while suffering from depression. I just realized that I haven't showered since Saturday (it's now Friday). I have washed my hair twice by leaning over the tub but I haven't actually gotten in the shower and cleaned myself. It's just so hard to get myself into the shower. I've also noticed that it's difficult to convince myself to brush my teeth. Thankfully I still brush my teeth every day, but there are sometimes that I seriously consider not doing it. Showering and brushing teeth shouldn't be so difficult, but my gosh they seem like so much work.

I honestly feel like such a failure and kinda like I'm not functioning the way I should.


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  • Don't worry, I also struggle with this. If im having a particularly bad spell I can go days without taking a bath, washing my hair or brushing my teeth. Sometimes I will stay in bed for days on end, in the same pair of pj's.

    The last thing on my mind when im feeling sorry for myself is my personal hygiene. I know I probably stink but I'm just too numb and miserable to care.

    It's strange because when im having a good spell my house is spotless, I shower every day and put on make up etc.

  • I don't know how, but I am still going to work like this. I'm sure all my coworkers think I'm nuts. I've worn the same pair of jeans every day this week. Maybe they haven't noticed because I've mostly stayed locked away in my office. I just feel terrible. I keep thinking that I'm so terribly lazy, but it's just so hard to function.

  • Well firstly, kudos to you! I can barely drag myself out of bed somedays never mind go to work like that! You are certainly not lazy though. When you are depressed even the smallest tasks seem like a massive effort. Are you currently receiving any treatment? Meds or therapy?

  • It takes me hours to get out of bed, so I'm always running late. I suppose that doesn't help me with getting a shower either. I am currently on latuda, trintellix, and buspirone, but in a couple weeks I'll switch out the trintellix for pristiq. I'm not currently seeing a psychologist because I'm waiting on my insurance to come through, but for the last three years I've seen one once or twice a week. I think not seeing one has really affected me the last few weeks. I've just deteriorated so much, but I have to keep working because bills have to get paid and my boyfriend is in between jobs right now. I don't know how much longer I can do this.

  • I think if we are all truthful we all do it when we are bad, it's the least of my worries, and so is brushing my teeth, brushing my hair When I'm ok I go about asking my family do I smell even though I've just showered, because every now and again I get this horrible smell stuck in my nose and can't shift it, I'm the only one who smells it. You def not a failure it's just unfortunate personal hygiene isnt tops on our to do list. Depression is an awful illness it completely changes who we are. I hope you have a good weekend and take care.

  • Hi I emphasise with you coz I'm the same. I have had no hot water for nearly a year now coz have problems dealing with it. I wash at the sink but not very well as it's too much effort. Same with my hair. As for my teeth I only clean them once or twice a week.

    As for my flat it's dirty and messy. It's all too much effort. x

  • My apartment is fairly messy. I know my boyfriend gets frustrated, but he tries his best to be supportive and do the cleaning. I just feel like a terrible waste.

  • Ive been kind of kicking myself because ive been brushing my teeth once a day lately when i should be doing it twice.

  • I sometimes go weeks without showering just wash down. No interest in personal hygiene. Teeth cleaning major task. I don't want to do anything. I need help what can I do. Had every anti depressant you can name had counselling works for a few weeks then back to feeling like this. Can't take much more.

  • Don't worry. You are not alone. When I started with anxiety/depression, all I could do was sit in my chair.I had no strength at all. I didn't have a shower for 3 weeks!! I just didn't have the energy or the feeling that it mattered.

  • Its hard and understandable, but try and MAKE yourself to have a shower, if u can wash your hair and brush your teeth, thats half a battle, u may as well have a shower, it will make you feel fresh, try not to see it as a chore, see it as a necessity like you hv to eat every day, it will get better, try to write a diary of how you feel every morning, it will help shift your mood, be kind to yourself!!

  • Thank you for all your replies. Saturday night my boyfriend finally convinced me to get in the shower. I just stood under the water for the longest time and it took me forever to finally start washing. Once I was finished I just stood there again. I was in there until the water turned cold because for some reason I just couldn't get out. Maybe it was the thought of having to dry myself and my hair, but it seemed like so much. I'm doing a bit better now. I took another shower last night. I'm hoping to get to where I am at least showering once every two days, but I would really like to get to where I am showering every day like I used to.

    I'm sorry that so many of you can relate. It's really a terrible thing to go through.

  • You are doing as much as you can. I have a LOT of respect for you, in fact - for keeping things going. Best wishes, Wendy x

  • yeah, it feels like there's no point in bothering, especially if it's cold weather and you don't go out much. i just laze around in my bed clothes all day every day (tracksuit bottoms, tshirts & sweater & dressing gown unless i must wash for an appointment scheduled for the following day. my psych once made a note about me going to my appointment to his office with dirty hair, so now i try to wash it at least the day before an appointment with him. i can even go 3 weeks without washong if i have no appointments scheduled.

  • Yes it all goes out the window .. There does not seem.any point does there .. Ghastly the way this illness does things to us

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