Memories of mistakes

I was doing something really bad, I'm not doing it now, but I was.Nobody knows, no one and I feel so alone in this and sick every time I think about it. I couldn't possibly tell anyone because they wouldn't understand why. People think I'm someone else but they don't really know me anymore; I don't really know me anymore but I know what I've done is bad and I hate myself.

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  • What is it that you were doing that was so bad ? Talking about it may help you to understand your actions a little better

  • Have you broken any laws? Hurt anyone intentionally ? Or are you talking about hurting yourself? Guilt will eat away at you, it's why people confess. To get out from under that burden. Could you talk to a Doctor, counselor, Pastor? They have already heard everything and won't be shocked. You can private message me on here, I have no idea who you are or where you are. No one knows anyone completely, we all hide something. You will feel better if you talk to someone, be sure it's a reliable person. Pam

  • Pm'd you. X

  • Hi Nicole at least you have stopped doing the bad thing now which is very positive. We all do lots of things we regret and that's because we are all human and fallible. You are no different to anyone else you know!

    Has anyone died? Have you destroyed anyone? No I thought not. We are all multi-faceted and no one is a 'good' person all the time. Think of it as a learning curve and if possible make good any damage you may have done to someone else, or yourself. x

  • Thank you! I'll remember that. Just takes an awful lot to try and forget. X

  • Don't forget it if it was a bad thing you did, learn from it instead. That way you will be turning a bad thing into a positive one. We all do things in life we regret and are ashamed of but life is a learning progress after all. x

  • Look no matter what it was it's probably been done down the generations and I'm pretty sure it will still carry on somewhere in the universe . There is nothing new it all goes around comes around . You have stopped it now so that's all to the good . If you need to tell anyone and it dose t matter who , pm them so it's not for the world to see . All the best 😇

  • Thank you, I guess you're right.


  • Your so welcome and if you need to tell someone you can on me .I promise the longer I live the less shocked I get .Just let it go ,how old are you my friend ,it could be you are young and thinking it's worse tha it is .If it's not me pm someone else ,I'm not trying to pry maybe an administrator .Maybe you need to put whatever in a box in your mind and close it shut .If you don't deal with it now you will have to sometime .Take care ,tomorrow is another day . 😇

  • Pm I meant .

  • if its got a name. someone has done it before you. dont start your day with a handicap. if you really truly regret what you'v done then you must forgive yourself. i can assure you your not alone many of us can feel guilty about past mistakes and wonder how/why we ever did what we did. i know i do. its what your doing today that really matters. yesterday has past and its not good to visit it for to long and dwell on regrets as that leads to depression. i dont know if your a believer, if you are then ask god to help you to forgive yourself. thats what i have to do. and sometimes things come back and i have to smother any thoughs as iv' already admitted it to god and myself. iv said sorry and im not going to torture myself. all the very best. if you do tell any one make sure its not anyone you know as people can fall out. you can always go on the phone to the samaritans. keep your power. love grace xoxoxo

  • Thank you very much Grace. Means a lot xxx

  • If I were you - and I were thinking about PMing someone - I would PM an administrator. I agree with Matrix on this.

  • If anyone says they are without sin they are a liar and the truth is not in them.

    All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.

    That's why He sent his perfect Son to be the propitiation for our sin. If you believe in Him, God looks at you through His Son (who has no sin)

    It's all good

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