Hi everyone, so I thought I'd write my issues and see what everyone else thinks. I'm a always been single 35 year old male who still lives at home because his parents are handicapped and a ex-friend ruined my credit with a repo so I have 4 more years till that blemish is gone. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and sleep apnea which is all treated through meds for the anxiety/depression and cpap machine for my sleep apnea. For many many years I lived with this but still did my hobbies like airbrushing model kits, and just building model kits, even have a new group of positive friends from the hobby as well, also play some airsoft when I can. Just this year I have literally no drive to do anything. I haven't picked up my airbrush in many months nor built a kit. I play airosft once a blue moon and thats it. When I'm done my shift at work weather at 4pm or 9pm I go home eat supper then just lay in bed watching shows online. I only see the odd friend on the weekend and that's it. I feel like I'm unplugged from the matrix or the world in a sense. I just tried doing the gym again monday and eating better and I just couldn't I lasted 30mins and then I got bored and went home. Also with the eating less/better it made my mood even worse. I'm am overweight and I hate it. I feel like it's too late for me, and I just just go on like this till I die and restart in the next life.


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  • Hi wpgubaru, you sound like you have lots to offer both in friendship and in finding a more intimate partner. It is very hard being overweight and having the confidence to genuinely think you can be attractive to someone else you possibly seek a relationship with. I should know I have struggled with being overweight all through adolescence and through my adult years. All I do know is try not to be hard on yourself and if you catch yourself beating up on yourself ask would I speak to a friend of mine like this? The answer would probably be no. So don't do it to yourself. Furthermore the most attractive thing in anyone is to be authentic and you sound like you got that covered. I would also suggest(if you haven't already)possibly speaking to a counsellor via your GP. They can be really good in helping to give your life more clarity. Anyhow good luck and don't give up I am really sure you will find someone in this lifetimešŸ˜Š

  • Hi,

    You sound really peed off at the moment. I would suggest persevere with the gym as it releases seratonin (the "happy" hormone!) to improve your mood and exercise in general will do that.

    You need to continue your hobbies to cultivate a few friendships too. Otherwise life is boring - work / tv / sleep / repeat!