Weekend blues

Well here I am sat alone in my family home ...yes I know I,m lucky to have a house ..! My relationship of four years ended without warning ...I was going to sell this house this year ...and p,Anne's a future with my man now the boys are adults ,,but the crap with my sons carers and extreme circumstances obviously made my partner decide he wanted out of my life which is drought with stress trouble is he won't talk to me at all ...he's moving away , I found out and has lots of friends and family ,,,I however have to begin again ,,,,just finding it hard to be positive right now ..


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  • H Janey that must be very hard for sure. You will just have to take it day by day. You

    Sound like a strong lady, and you never know what the future has in store, so

    Don't be too downcast.

    Rest plenty and be kind to yourself, I live alone and it's one way of getting to

    Know what you want from life.

    Don't waste any more time thinking about your ex, he's just not worth it. You are

    Worth a lot Janey.


  • hi Janey i know how you feel i've had 15 years come June of being on my own, my relationship with the wife now ex-wife ended in divorce and that's how i've been since, haven't you got family around you, i haven't they stopped speak to me years ago, it is hard to start with but if you have friends that can help it won't be so hard, anyway you have friends on here that are in the same boat or that can just help where possibly, i'm here for you at least take care you will be in my thoughts tonight so sorry that its ended this way for you. your friend always Alan xx

  • Janey,if after a 4 year relationship he's moving out for the reasons you say, and won't talk about it you are well rid , however heartbroken you feel at the moment.

    The heartbreak would almost certainly have happened some time and you're better getting over it now. Just cherish the good memories you have of the relationship.

    You've got your home, have raised your boys ,and I'm sure have many good times to come . Beginning again won't be so hard now your boys are full grown.

    I'm not a believer in the modern philosophy of there are no problems only opportunities but I think and hope it might be true for you.


  • Thank you ...means a lot

  • Hi Janey forget your ex and think about yourself and your boys !you said he left because of the boys carer's? If that's the case then he couldn't have been right in the first place! I have a younger brother who has learning difficulties as well as behaviour problems, and tbh if ever I was in a relationship again then they would have to accept my relationship with him I only visit him and his carer's bring him to me for a visit once a month. My ex understood this from the beginning and accepted the situation ,if you are honest and make sure any future suitor knows where you stand then I am sure you will find the right one , not all men are fickle . I am not but then I do have my Failing's as we all do good luck you sound like a good person ,just be strong for yourself and your family

  • Thanks , it was a sudden change of heart ..he knew right at the beginning and had been very active in his support meetings etc , even chatting to him on the phone more recently ,,,fickle is a good word ..

  • Hi Janey,

    I agree totally with you as being on your own after someone you love has left you is terribly difficult. It is so hard to be positive and think about, let alone plan, for the future but I am sure you will find that inner strength and succeed.

    I too have decided to sell up and every time I see the For Sale sign outside the house my heart sinks. That said I am now in a far better place than a few months ago and have decided that the World really IS my oyster!

    Take care and hope things work out for you.


  • Thanks and good luck to you too

  • I'm so sorry to hear that your hurting , it must be awful sitting there alone. . In the upside of that , things can only get better . In the mean time you have us on here . Sending gentle hugs x

  • Sometimes you have to work up to positive and maybe that's where you are now, but you don't have to stay there. We can change the way we feel by changing the way we think. As I read your post I notice a lot of positive things... You sound smart, and strong, You have kids so put your energy into people who will be around, not the ones who offer no support and walk away. His loss I would say because you sound like the stronger one. Fresh starts can be good, sometimes we need a push. I think I've reinvented myself several times which included changing jobs, friends, stayed in same house because of kids It can keep you fresh and interesting Get a new hair style. I know that sounds very simplistic ,but little bits add up and you should try to have fun. Be good to yourself. Keep in touch on this forum. I would like to know how you get on.Above all DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. Not shouting, just a slightly raised voice,.

  • Thankyou funny enough have a haircut on Tuesday ....watch this space lol ,,so wish there was a chat room here though get very Muddled trying to puzzle the site out

  • Chat room would be nice, lots of very nice,smart,and funny people here. I just keep replying, it can get quite long. There is also the private message thing. Yes, we want to see the haircut.

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