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It's been a while since I last wrote a post but I gave in and went to the doctors for depression(which I've had many times before)but this time it felt different. It's been going on for about a year and it wasn't till I started crying(without my children seeing) that I needed help. My husband cheated on me last year which broke my heart,my trust has been shattered and now I have anxiety and I just wish I was back to being the old me but the doctor has upped my dose but I'm hoping I won't need to be on these long term


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  • Early days yet, but you made the right first move. Let yourself rest as much as you can and give time for the meds to work, about a month and you should begin to feel better, if not go back to see him.

    Once the depression has eased you might see about talking things through with a relationship counsellor, maybe someone from RElate as they will see people without a partner.


  • Thanks for the reply,I know deep down I will get there I just wish my husband would understand how I have been feeling. I've booked myself to see a councillor x

  • Hello Happyheart, I do hope you recover well and soon .It sounds as if you've got a fair bit of experience of depression which should help altho its usually got a few tricks up its sleeve to attack in a new way.

    I'm not surprised you needed some extra help. To my mind finding out a partner has cheated on you is the most shattering thing I could imagine altho its never happened to me (I suppose I ought to say as far as I know but I think my wife was faithful,thank god). Of course trust is shattered and I only hope that your husband fully realises the serious effect it must have had on you and potentially could have had on your children.

    That said you must try and forget it, and hope your husband behaves responsibly from here on. I'm not at all religious and fairly liberal but i do think marriage is a deal that no one is forced into and the deal should be honoured. However we all know it is often a deal that is broken in which case my belief is that both partners should try their best to mend it and this gives the best outcome for children and the couple involved .I hope this is how it turns out for you and that time is able to work its magic



  • Thank you for that reply and yes I do hope my husband will take on board what has been said but I just need to learn to trust x

  • Hi ,sending hugs , can't imagine how hard it must be after what your husband did , life is short , we need to try and forgive the things which happen If it feels right , really hope you can work it out . As previously said rest is very important with depression m eat well , and love yourself . Easy to say I know ,

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