Anxiety a&e or ward admission

Feeling real low and very anxious today, had an appointment with counsellor who wouldn't let me leave wanted me to be admitted to ward or go a&e, both just send the anxiety spiralling. Really don't want to be on ward as hv 2 children to care for as single parent but don't seem to be getting access to any treatment that enable me to function consistently

Neither addresses the issues, both just humiliating, really need to see a psychiatrist but seem unable to get an appointment.


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  • Hello

    If they are talking about hospital admission, there must be good reasons for that. You would see a Psychiatrist when admitted and they would try and control your condition.

    If you decide to be taken in there are two ways they can do it. One way is that you ask to be sectioned and moved to safety. The other way, if they find that you are a danger to yourself or Society they can remove you for a period of time so that they can assess the condition you are suffering from. I do not know what the full circumstances are and how they think you are. Also the suffering you are broadcasting to those around you. There is nothing really to worry about, your children could be put in a place of safety such as a family member or sometimes may be put into a Foster Parent for several days.

    If you are having concerns talk to your GP or He could call social services.

    i would hope that all would have been discussed with your GP, I remember once when I was really ill they nearly Sectioned me, We came to an agreement that I had to remove myself from my home. We decided to go away to a quiet countryside location to remove me from my place of stress, My Home. We did that for one week and was not allowed to return before a certain date, seven days, I was reassessed on my return.

    They had calmed me enough to begin treatment, so there is ways that might be tried as long as you are with someone who can look after you, all depends.


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