Feeling sad today

It seems I offended some people and for that I genuinely feel sad about. My intention is to have a love and time for people. In no way did I bring religion, politics or race into my discussions. In fact I don't like religion but I love jesus, that's my choice and did not impose it onto anyone, I onky shared my experiences personally with some people.

Jefferson Bethke ...why I hate religion ..but love Jesus. Again sincere sorry to anyone I brought any offence to. My heart was in the right place. Being faced with someone so close to me this week who tried to take their own life, I am heartbroken, exhausted and weary , the last thing I hoped for was to offend anyone x

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  • How do you think u have offended anyone?

  • I was having a nice chat with someone and I mentioned God in my recovery. Some people have taken offence that I mentioned him. But I only did it in a personal way. One guy said don't bring religion in to discussions as people on here feel down. I know how that feels too n only wanted to share what helped me. Another person went into a debate over it which I accepted not everyone agrees with me n that's fine. We were really only discussing how we felt albeit at different places n I was fine with that. I never tried to put it onto anyone but being made out I have, just hurts cause I was only being honest. Thanks for asking x

  • Hey Frances so sorry to hear about your sister ~it must be really hard for you!!I have not seen anything untoward that you have posted~you are entitled to your own opinions and to me you are always trying to help people anyways!!I am still suffering with early morning anxiety but guess I have to accept it !Just be yourself that's all you can do!!

    Take care

    Your friend Kath:-) x

  • Thanks Kath for ur reply x appreciate it very much. Your right all I can be is me. My heart means well for people. Been finding mornings tough too recently with everything going on with my sister. Things seem surreal and av been but confused , lack of sleep does not help. Just been so hard finding her in a mess, almost lifeless. Kinda kicked my anxiety meter right back up. But thanks to friends like u on here it's good to know am accepted for me. Thinking of u x frances

  • Oh wow its just sad that some people don't believe in God but it's not your fault they took offense to it. I know how u feel because I feel like God has brought me a long way and has helped me with my anxiety. Religion is a very touchy subject for some but never apologise for spreading the good work of the Lord. Take care.

  • I feel the same way. I'm not religious and I'm not sure I believe in God but I believe there is something out there helping us. I think we all need something to believe in. At the end of the day, who am I to slant someone else's belief? I think it is a testy subject in this cynical modern world. I usually find that people who have religious faith are happier than those who don't and are more at one with themselves and the world. So raising the topic here is something I don't have a problem with, as long as that person isn't shoving it in my face. I'm glad her faith is saving her x

  • Everyone gets there bad days snow, and I'm sure the nice people on this site will not judge you, so sorry you had such a bad time with someone close to you, hope they are getting help, don't worry I do go to church although I to believe in Jesus but not religion, can't see any wrong in that take care. Annette

  • Thanks Annette for that today x x

  • No problem Snow

    We are all here to support one another, take care Annette

  • Thank you all for ur encouraging words which I needed today x means so very much to me. For anyone who would like to watch a great thing in you tube that in short says why I hate religion but love Jesus, feel free to look it up. It's so good and inspiring. Thanks angse, want to change, c Woodside and Kath, u have lifted me today. On way to hospital now feeling hopeful x x

    Jefferson Bethke why I hate religion. Really is special x thanks friends for ur words x

  • First of all ~hope wen you see your sis things have improved and you feel more settled!Secondly thank you so much for mentioning me in your post so very kind of you!I see you have had many replies and hope this has made you feel better!Weeks ago when I read one of your posts your kind words hit the spot for me which I was really grateful!I have many beliefs in my life but the main one is always treat people the way you like to be treated yourself!!I have made a really good friend on here called Jill she is lovely and we share our ups and downs each day!

    Contact me whenever you want to!

    Take care my friend and keep:-)

    Kath:-) x

  • Hi Kath, my sister was better today and that's great x little step in the right direction so good start x been great to have everyone's support. Just been such an emotional time past few weeks. But today a little ray of sunshine came through and my sister was a bit stronger. Suicide is the saddest ever n I can't judge anyone who gets to that place but it's ripped my heart in two this week. But thanks to good people like you Kath, the sun is shining again x thanks everyone x

  • Well so pleased there's light at the end of the tunnel!I know she doesn't know me but will you please pass on my good wishes!You are a good person too Frances and think like me have a very sensitive nature!Better that way than not to care tho!Remember to look after yourself as well.and look for that rainbow in the sky(it is there somewhere)

    Keep in touch +let me know how your sis is + you as well

    Your friend Kath:-) x

  • I,too, feel like you .. I love God :) and dislike religion. It brings too much discontent. I do my own thing. People who have something to say which is not productive can go in the poo pile in my eyes. It goes to show the type of people they really are and that is not worth it.

  • Snow, I don't believe you need to apologise, if anything I probably do for my comments as they could have been misconstrued as being confrontational or argumentative. I will apologise to you as I should have taken more consideration of your feelings & recent family issues instead of solely focusing on the one point. If I caused you any upset or additional stress then I am sorry.

    Having said that I will not be apologising to others who don't like to discuss certain subjects. While some of what I said may have been a little blunt & could have been worded better, & it would be a shame if any of it upset anyone, I stand by what I said.

    I don't understand or agree with those that say we should not discuss certain matters. Yes some subjects are very divisive & can lead to a lot of emotion but, for me, I don't feel that they should be hidden away or shunned because of this. Perhaps they just need to be discussed carefully & respectfully. I'll admit that I may not be in the best frame of mind for such a conversation right now, as I am not at my best but feeling somewhat angry, blunt, confrontation & antagonistic. Clearly HU don't necessarily agree as they deleted a comment I made without explaining that they had or why.

    Hope you are having a better day. While it is a big shame regarding your sisters current problems I'm sure having your support will be of help & strength to her.

  • Least ur being honest about how u feel so I admire that x sorry ur not feeling ur best Jimdon and I did listen to all your points. U explain things very well and u also have to be entitled to freedom of speech. We are only humans n say n do things wrong. Saying all that yes my heart was very torn too be sitting faced with someone I love dearly who sadly does not love herself and does not enjoy this a world so I do understand where ur at in many ways albeit I don't know u x I guess I wanted to share what I have in my heart but it's nothing religious at all. Anyway my sister sitting up today and through his strength in me I am good for her n even got a wee laugh from her. Long way to go but least there was a ray of sunshine there today:), appreciate your reply today, take good care

  • Snow I just remembered something from Joyce Meyers that made me smile a long time ago and I still remember it today. 'If you go and sit in your garage all day does that make you a car, No. If you go and sit in church all day does that make you a Christian or a good person, No.' Im not religious but I did appreciate the logic in this :) hope your ok xx

  • Wait wait are you SURE it doesn't make you a car? Is there a time limit what if you sit in it for a very very long time, does it make you one in a parallel universe. Are there cars sitting in garages thinking they are human beings.....it's frought with danger :-)

    If you sat in a church for a VERY long time would you become religious or a car....no no Obriens3 you are too clever for me. There is a 3rd meaning in all this I'm sure and if you add in physics the car doesn't even exist! Arrrghhhh....just teasing. Though I do find the idea of a car sitting in a church and becoming religious heart warming so thanks for that :-)

  • Lol you be lucky to get me in church never mind the car :)

  • Ah Ha a mind like a steel trap O'Brien had even thought of the 3rd option... you in the car in the church its just like an episode of Doctor Who! :-)


  • Caroline, your one step beyond me. That's scary lol

    Shirley xx

  • Carloline, I hope you are doing well ? X

  • That's so kind of you, still ill but at least the bleeding has slowed. I know something is not right but Im to knackered to do anything about it. Might go to the docs when I feel better, that's always a joy as you can imagine...lol. I wonder have docs ever heard of a nice bedside manner...lol.


  • Lol some docs can be a nightmare, I've been seeing a new younger doctor lately and he's like a breath of fresh air. I've been suffering with terrible heavy bleeding myself and had an ultrasound, turns out I have 12 fibroids. Very common apparently benign growths but cause heavy bleeding. Getting it checked out will give you some peace of mind hopefully, and they can also heck if your anaemic, that could account for the tiredness. Hope you get it sorted xx

  • Joyce Meyers I likey :)

  • Hi stranger, How are you? Nice to see your name pop up James.

    I didn't see your Post, what were you saying? Did it get deleted.

    Personally I am not crayzy about too much of religiony

    Things here. We are all individual and I'm not sure I want to see

    ' Jesus will help you in every Post'

    Everyone has their beliefs but these things are best kept private,

    Religion and politics shouldn't be brought up here, otherwise

    I could be saying in every Post. Allah be praised and so on, say it

    Once maybe but I do hate when people keep on about God and Jesus.its

    A bit much.

    James how's things with you? Now that I have had my little rant. Lol

    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah

    I was just putting my viewpoint regarding God/religion forward. The post that was deleted was basically covered in the above but was perhaps a little more blunt & confrontational. I just didn't appreciate the powers-that-be deleting it without even explaining why & find it very disrespectful. If I've done wrong I'm happy for it to be pointed out & I'm big enough & ugly enough to admit if & when I've done wrong.

    I can see your point & I agree that I wouldn't like it if someone constantly pushed religion as an answer. I wouldn't mind if every now & then we had a post regarding whether religion can help. That way I (we) can comment on the post or simply ignore it. I think I was just getting a little annoyed about someone suggesting what I could or could not discuss. Outside of the law or a work environment, I don't do well in being told what to do or having my options/decisions being dictated.

    I'm not doing that great but still drawing breath & taking up room. I've been around looking upon the site most days or every few days, but have held back from joining in or writing any posts.

    How are you doing?


  • Snow please don't feel sad, I was not offended with your post at all. Unfortunately religion is an emotive subject but I'm glad you shared your thoughts with me. Many people find comfort in their religion and Jesus, my mother suffering from Bi Polar and in a very bad place at the moment finding comfort and support in her church. I think your post has been misunderstood and not taken in the context that you meant. Chin up :) xx

  • Thanks obriens3 x x forgot how I don't deal too well with these kinda things but thanks to my friends here am feeling much better now x x

  • Hi Frances hope you are OK today~~ tried to send you msg earlier but for some reason wouldn't send.Anyhow just wishing you and your sister well.soz this is not longer but off to work soon!

    Take care

    Kath;-) x

  • Hi Kath, things bit better x she is just very angry but been told it's normal after taking so many pills x thanks for ur care x hope work goes good my friend x x be in touch after x x😘

  • Hi Frances,pleased things better with your sister.she is bound to be going through many emotions!Hope you are feeling easier in yourself too,such a huge thing to go through!I hope you are getting some support as well!

    Take care of yourself !Keep in touch and let me know how you are!

    Kath:-) :-) x

  • Snow I hope your sister is feeling better and on the road to recovery, I too have taken an overdose in the past many years ago and from experience I can say I felt worse and more depressed afterwards than before. When you realise you have woken up and the hurt it put your family through it stings badly. I hope she and you are getting the support you need. Thinking about you.

    Shirley xx

  • Hi Shirley, yes it's kinda been a nightmare. She seems very angry which I don't deal with too good. Then she feels guilty n lots of other ups n downs. It's going to be a rocky road but am sure everything will be ok x thanks for caring x x am not quite at myself but Al get back up soon x

  • Yes it will Snow, she's so lucky to have a sister like you. Stay strong x

  • Thanks appreciate you reply x x Staying strong as possible. Only last night my sister asking me for more tramadol as hers have ran out early ..again. Really gets me down, she know I have my own but is wanting some. So hard to know whats right. Thanks Shirley x Hope your having a good day x

  • Snow you are not being mean you are doing the right thing, sounds like she could be addicted. If she really feels she needs some more the best thing to do is get her a doctors appointment xx

  • Just look at this: My intention is to have a love and time for people. If that is your intention THAT is all that matters. How others react is all up to them. YOU create good karma when you have GOOD intention. Stay true to you.

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