How do I get through depression in my final year?

I'm currently in my final year studying law, with one exam left to go. I have never got anything less than a 1st in my exams, and I'm well on track to get a first class degree. Depression is taking hold and I've not been able to eat or sleep. I still go to the library every day, but that cracked me and I've ended up going home for a few days. I'm on my way back to university now with two weeks of stress ahead of me. How do I get through this? I've had raging suicidal thoughts. I'm taking St. John's Wort, along with propranolol for my anxiety. Though the doctors have prescribed me citalopram I'm scared to take them yet because of the side effects. I'm struggling to concentrate so much and I don't know how to start feeling better. Every time I have a moment of motivation it is quickly sapped by the thought of this exam and I really don't know what to do.

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  • I have the same problem but I'm in my first year of college. I have a couple of weeks left to go but I know after that I can have a long rest. Try to keep in mind the fact that you will be able to rest afterwards and have a break. I am just holding on now until the end. I know it's hard. Sorry if this isn't any help

  • Maybe if you keep yourself busy maybe that might help

  • I'm trying to keep myself busy I really am. It's just so hard to sit at a computer all day and concentrate. I'm used to spending 10 hours a day in the library and now I'm lucky if I can manage three. It's so horrible. I hope you manage to get through college and I appreciate your reply xx

  • If you are on the home run I suppose it is only natural, I would advise a good night out although I suppose that would only , possibly give you a headache. You need a distraction and not to cram

    Good Luck, many here may be after a good solicitor in the future LoL


  • I'm in a similar position to you it's horrible feeling knowing you have very important exams coming up and your motivation levels are non existent.

    Have you spoken to your university student support? They might be able to give you some extra support with a kind of agreement where you get your own room for exams and things like that? And i know at my uni they have exam drop ins with the counsellors which may help you.

    It's best to tell your university ASAP if you haven't already because then if something does go wrong with your exams they are aware and there will be plans put in place for you.

    You sound very intelligent and I bet you're doing better than you think you are and should be proud of that. If you feel desperate remember to contact someone like your GP or 111. Your uni may also have a night line service you can go and see or phone or use online chat with.

    Hope you feel better soon and good luck with your final exam.

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