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Local meetings - Many off us pour our hearts out online hear and we are not all close in proximity to each other. However some of us might live closely to each other. This is just a suggestion but why don't those of us who live near arrange a local support group ? It could be a curry and a meal at a local pub or something like that.

, once a month. Wht do you think ? Suggestions welcome :)


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11 Replies

  • I lve in Basildon :)

  • I live near Exeter, sorry Obrien it would have been good to have met up.

  • Ah thanks Hun xx

  • Oh I live in Torbay Chris, we are neighbours. I can meet up :) xx

  • That is a really nice idea; the charity AOD is Scotland based but they very kindly let any of us from anywhere at all post on the forum but I think they do provide support and meet ups locally to the areas they operate in and then there is depression alliance, Mind and Rethink in England where I live.

    I wanted to support your idea and also say it's unlikely you'd be able to get a group going but sometimes one or two people within travelling distance will click and then there's nothing to stop you from arranging meetups with whoever and it's nice to see an innovative idea like this, as you are right; local support groups are a good idea to get involved in too. I went to a Mind day centre for years and it was really good.

    Gemma X

  • Thanks Gemma, it's a bit if a long shot. But thought I'd through it out there and try. There might be a few members in proximity. Who knows lol xx

  • I'm in Dublin so all get your swimming costumes out . Lol

    Would be nice to meet any one near me .

    Hannah x

  • Hi, I'm in West Yorkshire so if there's anyone in yorkshire wanting to meet up message me as I'm happy to drive.


  • California, USA

  • Your suggestion is a good one. I am in Merseyside, St Helens and happy to meet up with anyone I already feel some affinity with from online contact. However it is important to hold in mind that for many people it is the fact that people here are NOT in their everyday lives that enables them to feel able to write freely. Often people have friends but don't feel able to share feelings with them as it is far more threatening. So by all means meet up but I would advise getting to know one another online first to avoid feeling caught in a relationship that is unhelpful. Sorry if that sounds negative, it is not meant to be, I am just offering advice based upon my own prior experience of well meaning meetings with strangers. Suex

  • Sue you put in a much better way what I was thinking, but it is a great idea of O'brien3.