I cant get anywhere

my story is quite long so ill sum it up, im depressed, forever alone cause no one wants to get to know me due to I got this damn mental disorder that well im only seen as some retarded idiot but im actually a nice guy, also got myself well confined to the solidary confinement of my room due to im sick of being judged,degraded,bullied every time or at least almost every time I leave the house. anyway been online looking for some kind of help or at least anything I can get, no luck whatsoever, been looking for like a month of really late nights on searching, I now im gona get well replies to this from all im saying is the "know it all" personality types and that just pisses me rite off, actually that's why I left7cupsoftea.com cause I only posted in the welcome forum thread only to have some a**h**** comment what I should do and think and act. anyway nuff of that, well I should rap this up its getting really late don't matter much since I have no life


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8 Replies

  • Hi so sorry you are going through this, I to isolate myself, its no joke people who don't experience this condition really can't understand, have you been to your GP yet, it took me 18 months to do so, I am offered counseling which I don't want to go to, as am very private person, and the thought of speaking about how I feel to a stranger makes me want to run, but I can't bear the though of being like this much longer, my life has gone, so I am going to go see what happens, don't know if you would consider it, I really hope some help comes your way, like all who suffer from this depression we all deserve to be heard and treated .keep in touch let us know how you are. Annette

  • Hi there and welcome. Now can I suggest that you change your Nom de Plume

    From Nobody , you are not Nobody and using that name is bound to make

    You feel worse about things. Why not use ' Somebody' . I hope you don't think

    I'm being bossy , I'm not, I'm just trying to help.

    Have you been to a Doctor for help? This would be a start and at least

    You could try and venture out, being stuck in your room would depress

    Anyone. So try and get out even to go to the shops .

    This is a good supportive Forum and we will try to help. Maybe you will

    Care to share more of what's Goung on in your life with us. Take care

    And be kind to yourself.


  • Hi photogeek

    So glad you brought the nobody name up that's why I did not use it when I replied, good for you. Annette

  • hi there nobody im sorry to see how you are and have being treated by others ! part of the problem is people cant or dont want to help.those with depression or mental health.problems ! have been to see your doctor. yet if not please go as soon as your able to theres no shame and your doctor wont.treat you any different so please dont put off seeing them ! ive been suffering from depression for a long time but i find people around me are really good and help were they can its strangers that can cause problems but ive learned better how to deal with it ! take care and dont be a stranger as i would be great if you could help by helping others throught your experiences david

  • Making assumptions about the kind of replies you might or might not get are not useful thoughts. Perhaps you need to open your mind a bit and wait and see how people respond.

    No one here cares about your mental disorder. You are as welcome here as the next person. You won't be judged or discriminated against here.


  • Hi You need to go to your GP Nobody. Have you got a nice one near you?

  • Hi

    It does sound as though you are having a hard time of things. You sound angry, so use the website to rant a bit (only don't swear as that's not allowed). We are a nice bunch of people who will want to understand you. Feeling you have no life is sad. Maybe you can start by telling us something of your story?


  • Hi NOT nobody,

    Well, you're not isolated now because you're here with us. And every single one of us on this site is mentally ill to some degree or other, so you're in good company. I've read at least one post asking you to tell us a little about yourself, and I would like to know more about you other than that your angry and very unhappy. So when you say no one wants to get to know you, it's a lie you're telling yourself, which is quite a painful thing to do to yourself.

    So welcome to the site, it's good to meet you, and I'd love to hear more about you.


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