I just became a member due to my mental illness. Depression and anxiety. I've been in a depression for 2 weeks. In bed and sweet pants. I was almost ready to call it quits, did a will and everything. For 2 days now i feel that's there's some hope. I can't tell you what brought me down, or even what snapped me out of it. I do know i feel like I can finally breath again. Reading everyone story, makes me realize I'm not alone. I just wish i found all you guys sooner. I'm still alive and breathing.


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4 Replies

  • Hi Alone your very welcome here. I'm glad you found us. Yes it does help to realise

    That we are not alone and we can often learn coping skills by reading how others

    Get through stuff.

    Hope to get to know you more later on.

    Hannah xx

  • Noone is alone on the journey of depression. It's a big long road and every now and again you bump into someone else busy on their way. I'm glad you've joined the forum and even more glad you 'snapped' out of your recent episode. As you described, there's often no explanation for why people who are depressed peak and trough. Some of my happiest days stem from ones that start in the most dreadful way. And vice versa.

  • Although you may feel alone it is usually not the case. That's soemthing to keep in mind when your depression hits you hard.

    Don't be ashamed of breaking down and staying in bed. Some of us need to hit rock bottom before climbing back up. All of us have times where we can't cope.

    You are always welcome here and I hope we can help you. Glad HU makes you feel less alone. This website is great for when you need to turn to others for help xx

  • Hi alone74,

    I know what you mean about this site making me feel not alone. I also only found it when getting over the very worst. When I was feeling at my lowest I was not able to even think about reaching out, not able to go to the doctor, not able to even tell my family how I was feeling. Maybe for some of us, we have to reach rock bottom first, so we can find our own way back. Only then we can ask for help. Otherwise we will always wonder if it was ourselves, or the lovely people on here, who were responsible for us not going totally under. It also helps us understand others pain, coz we have been there.

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