hi there, I was wondering if people have physical symptoms of depression?

I have been a little low for a while as well as having panic attracks. Recently iv been feeling really tired and dizzy headaches and just general irritability. Iv also feel like I'm shacking on the inside but with no visible shakes. I feel better some days than others and haven't been to my doctor yet. I'm convinced I can beat this myself although it not getting much better. Anyone's advice would help?


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  • Yes I get quite a few physical symptoms from depression and anxiety. Like you say tiredness, dizziness and irratability are symptoms but I also chest pains and have to run to the loo regularly. It is a real nuisance.

    I also feel shaky like you say. I have to rest during the day like I am now! Kids are asking me to go out.


  • Hi David, Yes, I get exactly those symptoms fairly regularly... :( Hope you are ok otherwise? I am fine, exercising and walking helps. Sue x

  • my physical side is very subtle, so i can't use them as an early warning system that i am getting into trouble....

    Sleep and appetite are messed up. I only get headaches if things get really bad..

    Lots of people use relaxation techniques. Keeping busy helps keep my mind occupied, but finding the solution to what is bothering me at the time is what i need to do.... easier said than done....

  • Hello

    My Depression originates mainly from a physical condition


  • Whilst what you describe are common symptoms of depression please be aware the depression can also be a symptom of other conditions. Unless you can pin down something specific that kicked off the depression please do try and see your GP and ask them to test for other possibilities such as diabetes, thyroid, B12 deficiency ....

  • Yes, lots of physical symptoms. Tiredness, extreme sometimes. Headaches, stomach pains. Go and see your doctor, you don't need to struggle x

  • Thank you everyone, sometimes it does make me feel better to know I'm not alone I worry so much that there is something seriously wrong with me. I think I'm actually worried about worrying if that makes sense. It's silly really. But my symptoms are real :( Off to the doctors tomorrow. Night all

  • I thought there was something wrong also, got sent for a brain scan - nothing. My symptoms are real also, said that over and over again to people. Doctor can help with some propanalol and if you try eat well and in general give yourself some time to just breathe - try it. Think you tube do mindfulness or your doctor can advise about classes or Cd's. You said the right thing - worried about worrying, our minds are always ahead. Honestly try some yoga/ mindfulness , learn how to breath and take the moment as it is.

  • Yes I totally understand where your coming from. Being dizzy, lightheaded, headaches all the time and easily annoyed, which was never me. I have been this a long time and struggled to find away forward. Best advice I can give is try some mediation - mindfulness is great. I am still in baby steps with it but today managed to go somewhere I have not been able to in a while. It keep things in the now, as they are happening. The hard part is accepting its actually me causing this - I could not get my he'd round that at all!! Why would I want to do this to myself? As more time has passed I can see by my thinking pattern it is possible. Feel the fear and do it anyway is a great book. Really if you can try some mindfulness - it really lets you start to even breathe properly. Let me know how you get on? I am only at the start of this journey but is is looking a lot brighter than the one I have been in a long time.

  • I also get all these symptoms but a new one is the shaking inside i hate it infact ive got it right now it started yesterday morning and is still here i feel like am shaking and trembling but on the outside am not its very weird

  • I suggest you go to your GP if what you feel doesn't change for a long time.

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