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Do i have depression?

Recently, i have been feeling really empty. I feel like there's a black hole in stomach. I feel so tired and sleepy all the time. The activities that i used to enjoy can no longer satisfy me. I keep having this negative thought like"i want to sleep forever and never want to wake up again " or " if i die i won't have to suffer like this anymore." What should i do? Should i get myself diagnose by professional? But what confused me is that nothing bad has really happened to me but i keep feeling low, lifeless and depressed.

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Good morning Meka21, I am so sorry you feel like this, and yes I would seek help from your GP as it could be a health problem that they can help with or at least rule out. Then they can start to help you, I would do this as soon as possible so that you can start to enjoy life again.

Let us know how you get on won't you as this is a very caring and supportive community and we help each other. Best wishes to you.

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Really appreciate it.


Hi Moka21 hope you feel better soon, try with exercices. physical activity does help our mind. and remember its your choice to stay in a situation of victim or get out.


I wanted to but i often feel like i don't have any energy or strength in my body. I always feel so tired and sleepy...


I know exactly how you feel - even though i know that if i do push myself to do something physical i WILL feel better afterwards.

I am currently having CBT and they place a lot of emphasis on trying to plan to do activities and to write down what you plan to do. It does help. And when motivation is really bad - set the timer for literally 5 minutes and do something........anything....(washing up/knitting/.....whatever) for that 5 minute slot - again that does help and i often can carry on after the timer has gone off


I'm physical drain. These days all i do is lay down on my bed and do nth...


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