Hello! Newbie here. Has anyone else experienced major concentration, memory and comprehension issues? I can't live like this anymore. HELP!!

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2011. I never had issues prior to this. Now on a daily basis I feel like I'm losing my mind. I can't concentrate or do simple everyday things like I did before. I always feel like I'm stuck in a dream...a nightmare. I experience problems with reading, spelling and coordination. I don't enjoy anything anymore. I am always frustrated, mad and impatient. I was on meds previously but stopped. During that time I was functioning better than I am now. I am just so lost, disappointed and scared!

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  • Sorry to hear about struggle with anxiety and depression I suffer from both with similar problems to your self I would say phone your doctors on Monday morning if you feel it can't wait phone NHS 24 Scotland. Or NHS choices england for health advice from a doctor I hope you get the help you need please message me and let me know how you get on take care

  • Thank you I appreciate the concern and advice. Unfortunately I live in the U.S., so those agencies are not of use to me. However I do have an appointment on Monday with a new psychiatric doctor. I will keep you posted.

  • Your welcome I hope all goes well for you with the new doctor its not a nice situation be in when you suffer from mental health issues ! God bless

  • It really sucks the life out of you! Thank u again!

  • Hi

    I am sorry you are struggling with problems, the symptoms you describe are not uncommon with anxiety and depression nor are they uncommon when going onto or coming off meds but it sounds as though they are seriously interfering with your life. I would go back to see your GP and discuss the symptoms in detail to see whether you need to go back onto the medication and wean more slowly. I doubt whether there is anything more seriously wrong but it may be worth asking your GP whether he thinks you need any other investigations and I would have thought basic bloods at least as low levels of certain things can also interfere with mental functioning.

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue for your suggestion. I have recently had blood work done and all came back normal. Under the advice of my Doctor I am seeing a new Psychiatric Doctor Monday for possible medication. I will keep you posted.

  • I notice the time of your post,,,,,,,,,,are you having trouble sleeping also ?

    I would agree with the two previous poster's and a trip to your GP or an out of hours service just to reassure you in the short term would be a positive move,

    One thing for sure is you are not on your own !

    Let us know how you get on xx

  • Thank you for your well wishes. I am going to a new Doctor Monday. I will let you know what I find out.

  • Hi mzdawn74,

    I have experienced all the symptoms you describe. I agree it's scary and frustrating. Unfortunately I believe these things are symptomatic of depression. Did you stop meds on your own or did the GP? I have found it difficult to cope with medication side effects, but any that can help me function closer to 'normal' I take. Have you been referred to a psychiatrist?

  • Yes. I stopped on my own. I guess I do need to take meds. I thought I could do without them.

  • Dawn for some reason I can't see your message :( x

  • Oh how I feel for you. Most definitely, you are not alone.

    What you describe is so familiar to me. But listen, it sounds like you need to get back on meds--they actually work to correct the chemical imbalance in your brain that is contributing/causing the symptoms you describe. And there is research ( I'll try to find it again, plz pardon as I stumble to articulate)

    showing that long- term....

    I'm sorry sweetie will have to go back and find it...BASiCALLY, several studies indicate those who are diagnosed with depression and get treated with meds are much less likely to suffer the troubling effects to the brain that depression can cause in the long term.

    For right now, you are in a miraculous little zone in cyberspace--Stay here and post as much as you need.

    I know that you're dealing with what is probably a landslide of scary emotions--it's so good you posted because you'll receive much help and support.

    How long have you been off meds?, if you don't mind me asking. Do you remember what you were taking?

    I do hope you'll consider getting back on them. I have vivid memories of the terrible physical and internal suffering I went through the last time I stopped meds (that was over 7 years ago; I'll not risk it again).

    The disorientation is scary enough. But take heart mzdawn;

    the post you wrote is very lucid.

    Right now you're in "the mean time" as you'll probably have to go to doctor to get script and sometimes it takes a bit for them to kick in. (If that's what you decide to do.). It's a hard time; but you're in a good space (here). Hopefully you'll get the emotional support you need to get you through this really rough patch.

    Please stay in touch. And do remember that you're not alone.

    pen x x x

  • Pen thank u so very much for your kind words. It's very comforting in a time like this to know there are people like you out there to talk to! I've been off meds for almost a year and I was taking Zoloft. It was working pretty good. I stopped because I felt like it was making me feel weird. But, now that I've been off I realize I feel that way off the medication. I'm just tired of feeling like this...

  • Do a search on the drug you are on,, after effects. yes one day I had left my daughters front door wide open,,, she was so angry with me,,, But I thought I had shut it, and thought yes I had,,, then as time went on, my daughter said i was doing it for attention and doing silly things.

    Now she suffers from depression, and my other daughter, who now do the same things. now we laugh and say its Alzheimers try to joke about it ,, or id cry. once I was stripping wall paper and was putting it in black bags, trying to help, as I ran out of bags,,, my daughter had loads of chocolate selection boxes, and as I had to walk up many stairs, I put them in the black bags, and my intention was to take them out when I got to the top and put them in my car.

    Well by the time i got to the top, I had totally forgot all about them, and put them in the bin,,,My daughter was in tears im mean really upset, we couldnt find them and I had no memory of them at all.

    Then I thought to myself, did i ,,,, didnt i??? I thought is it the thing I would do,,,, mmmm no??? I told her to check just in case .... the builders even had a look, and finally found them.

    I used to be as sharp as a knife, now im as dizzy as a brush. spelling, well I have trouble formulating them, thank god for spell checker. The structure,, I dont recognize if its right or not.

    without the drug, I would be in bed wanting to commit suicide,,,, or take the drugs and function... its a choice.

  • Thank u for sharing. This is all so frustrating. It makes it a little easier knowing others are experiencing similar things.

  • Oh my I accidentally erased someone's comment...and I really wanted to respond. How do I fix that?

  • Hi there it sounds to me like you need to get back on Meds again. If you felt better while taking them, why stop ? Just accept your not well and take control by seeing your Doctor as soon as you can. Taking Meds is much better than feeling like you do now.

    Hannah x

  • Thank u for your feedback. I am starting to see now that I do need meds.

  • We are all here, and suffering, trying to work with our dis-ability around our life. Some days good some really bad.

    but were here to help and we have bad days,,, we get support off here,,,, because no one really understands , until they have experience it themselfs

  • I totally agree!

  • Yes buddy i was terrible at concentrating, & i had an over thinking compulsive thinking mind at one time..I've done at least 1000 hours practicing, & learning about this kind of stuff in the last 10 months..So i can honestly say for a fact that if you want to be better at concentrating etc, then you need more practice it really is as simple as that buddy..Just keep practicing until you get it, & if you practice often your'l notice a massive change in your thinking in just a few months time..While you practice mindfulness or concentration etc, you will obviously get impatient maybe even frustrated & even angry etc..When that happens your supposed to practice being patient, & see if you can "not" allow yourself to become frustrated or bored etc..See it as like a catch 22 situation, because that's what it is..You will always be a person that gets impatient mad frustrated etc until you actually practice being in control, & you can't practice being good at self control without doing the things that usually make you feel impatient frustrated or mad..I tell you one thing though when you start playing the self control practice game, you won't look back & it's a great thing to learn..Takes a few months to get good at, but then your whole life changes.

  • Thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into practicing patience and self control.

  • Hello again mzdawn74 (it's pen727). Thank you for answering; for some reason I can't retrieve the whole message you sent and reply to it. ..(I'm not very technically savvy).

    However I'm so pleased and relieved that you have a doctor appt. tomorrow--and from what gather; you already know that a certain med works. (Getting to the point you are now is being way down the road toward wellness). I'm so glad you don't have to wait for an appt., etc.

    Hoping the best for you : )


  • Thanks. I will keep you posted!

  • I always found the best practise for patience and control is at work. You have to stick to the task in hand and concentrate on what you are doing. It took me a long time to learn it and now I am out of work am losing that ability. x

  • Sorry to hear your job situation. I am unemployed too! I agree that working does allow you to gain patience and deepen your concentration levels. I hope things start looking up for you!

  • Yes that's it coughalot it's all patience, & sticking to one task at a time without thinking about other stuff..It took me months of practice to realize it myself, & yes you can become complacent & start letting it slip a bit..So now your out of work it's just a different kind of practice, & you have to try to mindfully do (for example) your house work etc..You should try to mindfully eat, & shower etc..Go for a long walk every day, & try mindfully walking..Just like when you was at work mindfully concentrating on your work, when walking be mindful of your surroundings & the various sounds....You have to remember as you practice this kind of stuff that eventually, it should be no effort to be in a state of no thought when ever you want to be, & you should not be receiving unwanted negative thoughts..If your not at that stage or are slipping from that stage, then you have to practice yourself back to a neutral logical thinking state of mind..Just remember any time is good practice time no matter what your doing, whether your stood in a queue or sat at home bored..It's all a good time to practice patience & control of your emotions & feelings, & without those exact times & situations of being bored etc you wouldn't be able to practice emotions & feelings control..Sure being out of work is a negative, but it gives you time to get on top of other things in your life..So mindfully get on top of everything, & visit all your family & friends. :-)

  • Sounds like you really know what you're talking about! I need to read up on that mindfulness! Thanks!

  • I empathise completely with you. I have all the same symptoms - trouble concentrating, confusion, cant read or write. Im unemployed too but finding plenty to do.

    That is my advice to find yourself things to do like voluntary work, visiting family or friends, gardening but most important is exercise. That helps you gain that feelgood factor.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Hey great suggestions Glofer15, & a very good point you mention..If we can start to fill our days with things we love doing, that alone is a massive benefit for our mind body & soul..It's funny you mention gardening, because i now do love the countryside & gardening..Also if a person is unemployed then at least they will have the time to maybe go for a few long walks, & to try to get a bit fitter etc....So it's all about not dwelling on the past, but to see what we can do today that was an improvement on what we did yesterday..(so we chip away at what ever we can)..Also in my opinion it's essential to not expect immediate results, but to expect a gradual change in one's thinking over the months....What ever we do towards being mindful will help, but we do have to try to resist unwanted thoughts if & when we get them..With training i started to notice just after I'd lost it emotionally, or was lost in negative thoughts which caused unwanted emotions & feelings..With a bit more practice & time, i started to notice during an argument/heated debate with someone that I'd just lost it emotionally..With a lot more practice & time, i started to notice before i was about to lose it & was able to resist losing my self temporarily to my emotional mind..All that probably took me 3-4 months of time & a lot of practice, but by that stage it really becomes fascinating to do....By that stage i was always aware of any instant, that may have in the past caused me to lose control of myself..So when & if something bad we're to happen to me, it's now seen as just a chance to practice & nothing more. .Doing simple tasks with our opposite to usual hand for example, requires a lot more concentration & patience..So during training you never lose the use of any of your emotions & feelings, & whenever an emotion or feeling is appropriate at the time you will allow yourself to manifest said emotion or feeling..The big difference after a lot of training will be that we will be in control, of whether or not we actually use an emotion or feeling at the time..So eventually unwanted emotions & feelings & negative thoughts become a thing of the past, because by that stage we're completely aware that we cause those unwanted emotions & feelings ourselves, & it's not other people or events/situations that cause them..That's the tipping point, & once at that stage it's very difficult to actually allow ourselves to manifest unwanted emotions & feelings.

  • Update! I went to my Doctor and he thinks I should restart Zoloft. So I'm picking up my prescription today and will start tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed this works!!! I also will begin practicing some of the other suggestions you all gave. Thanks for all your help!

  • Hi you've had ALOT of replies which is great so I hope you'll excuse me if someone has already said this, as I haven't read all the replies. However are you sure you aren't simply dyslexic? I have all your issues, Im not on medication but because of natural issues created by dyslexia I can feel frustration, depression, anxiety as do all dyslexics. Our symptoms are connected to the fact that we think differently, process information differently and on the whole despite these difficulties with reading, spelling, comprehension and co-ordination but to name a few, we are highly intelligent. They call it the 'hidden' disability.

  • I never had any issues with these symptoms until all of this started. Thank u though for the suggestion.

  • Hi dawn, it's Ava. Why did you come off the medication ? Was it your choice or the gps advise. I have suffered depression on and off for 20 years it's very hard. Just had my worst lot now wish I had the answers dawn. Hang in here though lots of great people and advise. Just telling you your not. Alone Ava xx

  • Thank u Ava. I stopped on my own accord. I am waiting for another appointment with my Doc so we will see.

  • Just read you stopped them on your own. That's whAt I did it's the worst thing you can do hence I relapsed and this time badly where I tried to end things. It's a slow recovery you must see your doctor ASAP Ava xx

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