Am I depressed

Hello there. I've recently split from my partner of 7 years due other issues I have had to battle eg drink drugs and she finally couldn't take it anymore and left. I started drinking again which was helping my 'not caring side' to deal with it since then I'm on the straighten arrow but now finding it hard to deal with as she is the love of my life. I have my days where I'm upbeat but in an instance my emotions change and get angry upset start lashing out at other people but within a few moments i can change back. Am I depressed? My mums been helping me so much saying if it's not meant to be etc but if I wasn't such a waste in the first place i wouldnt be in this situation. Am I just beating myself up about it or has this affected me so much I'm depressed. I find motavation hard for life without her in it. I tried talking to a doctor about it but couldn't really get straight answer. He asked if I was suicidal and I probably couldn't take my own life but constant negative thoughts on why i keep on living is start to worrying myself. Should I go see a specialist ? Any contact would be great fully appreciated in this dark time. Thanks

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  • It's really hard to diagnose yourself with depression. I suppose the important thing to ask yourself is how different things are for you, and not how you compare to other people.

    Have a look at this

    I've found it useful in the past, helping me answer my own questions and having a starting point when talking to the GP.

  • It is enough to trigger depression a break up of a relationship. But also sometimes people use drink while depressed. So maybe there are two things here you need to look at. One the gp doesnt have the answers. You do, its up to you to find them. So I suggest you go to AA with a open mind, do the program, and you might just start finding the answers of why you turn to drink, instead of dealing with the emotions.

    Go see a drug and alcohol counsellor and talk your heart out. you might just find the answers there within yourself. Ie why do you sabotage "things" with drink. Why you do many things.

    Getting to know yourself better, in some way largely is finding the answers. Did our fathers drink? or mothers , did we learn the behaviour. how did we learn this, or was it addiction???

    That in itself is damaging behaviour to yourself and why???(are you doing it).

    You have to concentrate on yourself, and get yourself well, before you damage another relationship. As you dont want to hurt the ones you love.

    Good luck on your journey to a new life,,,, if you want it.

  • Hi Jake

    It sounds as though you have had an underlying drink and drugs problem for some time. If you have not already done so I would suggest you ask to be referred to a specialist unit dealing with addictions where you can be assessed for specialist help including counselling or therapy as well as practical help to beat the addictions if you need that.


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