Good morning, sun is shining. Going to try and get out in garden again but my back is bad !!!!!!!?

Sun is out, looks like another nice day but I am going to take it easy as my back is really bad. Woke up, couldn't get out of bed as my back had locked. Took me ages but managed to get downstairs and put kettle on. Had shower and that has loosen my back abit feel so fed up with myself. Thought I was doing so well but had to take a couple of baby steps back. :-) :-)


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3 Replies

  • GOOD MORNING! The sun was great for an hour there,really nice phew Tshirt time soon.Do you know that when i get down and it is really nice outside i can open my window and sit in the middle of my living room and get a tan!

  • I need a living room like that! I open my window and either a stray cat or a random child walk in!

  • Aaw sorry to hear that your back is bad. I hate, hate, hate any kind of back pain. There's nothing wrong with taking a few steps back when you need to. We need to look after ourselves x

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