not having a good day

was ok when I got up this morning and took my dogs out.then from time I got home just feeling down.constant pressure on my stomach.cant eat anything.dogs very quiet,not eating and giving me those "looks"!.something to do with dr 's on Monday?will he listen to me?things going round and round in my head-how consultants dismissed my symptoms and how no one has given me a diagnosis just saying what things are not .woke this morning with swollen and puffy face.bright red rash pelvic pain and thinking how can they say everything is nothing.going to wear the closest fitting jumper I can find on Monday and he can see how much more swollen my stomach is is rock hard.if Cushings or Thyroid as others suggested do they make stomach feel hard?


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  • Can't really help with the symptoms, but it sounds pretty awful. I notice you posted this a couple of hours ago - how are you feeling now? X

  • hi thanks Lucy.a bit but not much .had a couple of "baileys"and as i got no sleep this pm went to bed at 7 .

  • Eeek! Baileys is one of the worst things to drink with stomach problems. The mixture of cream and alcohol presses all the wrong buttons. I have erosive gastritis and I was told Baileys is a no no! X

  • I'm sorry, I do not know what the symptoms you describe may be - but they may link to Irritable Bowel - do have a look at their link on the Health Unlocked website. Also it could be a gluten allergy or similar. I had IBS and found the stomach bloating disappeared as soon as I ate a much healthier diet - for me it means reducing drastically the amount of chocolate, diet pepsi and bread that I eat and instead eating a lot more vegetables which is generally healthier anyway. I don't know whether that might be relevant for you. Good luck at the Drs. Sue

  • hello Sue.thank you for your advice.i have had bloods done fro coeliac/gluten both with gp and privately and allergy test done privately -all OK.i haven't had any bowel problems-normal in that diarrheoa or constipation.i have changed my diet to eat more healthily less fried food.more fruit and vegs and more meat on advice of gp and I havent eaten cakes biscuits or puddings fro about 6 years.i dont have fizzy drinks -only squash,water or fruit juice and the occasional coffee .

  • all sounds fine with your diet then, sorry I cannot be of more help. x

  • Hi there hope by now that your feeling a bit better. Those symptoms sound

    Annoying , I think you might just have to accept what the Consultant says.

    If you are stressed it can cause all sorts of physical symptoms. So try and work

    On relaxing a bit too. Hope it goes well for you on Monday.


  • hello Hannah,im sorry I wont accept they said .when i saw the rheumy he went on about other things that weren't his concern ie diet and losing weight gynae concerns .he was not interested in any fibro/lupus symptoms which was why my gp referred me again.wouldnt accept that i told him my weight gain was abdominal and nothing to do with diet for reasons given.ENT said "it wasn't sinuses" which were not the problem-it was principally fro nasal sores,which id had for a year and no treatment helped.all they seem to say is what htings are not nto what they are.year s ago dr s would investigate every possible avenue to find out what is wrong now al they do is go on bloods not symptoms.have nasal sores again and treatment not helping.

  • my dogs keep me sane and nothing more than relaxing than a nice dog walk.our walk this morning along the river -swans beginning to arrive fro the summer.a seal pup on the mud flats and 2 ducks sitting on the road away from the river -in exactly the same time and place as the day well as loads of cuddles and affection

  • That sounds nice - can't believe you saw a seal pup, lovely! I saw a sparrowhawk and a siskin the other day (would not have been able to tell you what they were, except a colleague was with me and he pointed them out!)

  • they come from the farne islands .on local fields where everyone walks their dogs there used to be a kestrel pheasants and ducks until they started to build houses there (it was privately owned)and removed all the shrubbery -ploughing the fields up for crop growing.a few years ago I heard my dog barking and as he was out of my sight i couldnt see what it was -until I caught up with him to find a huge deer standing over him.couldnt believe it as the field is surrounded by 2 housing estates. do occasionally see roe deer in other fields near the next village

  • Ah that sounds lovely where you live. I would love to

    Live in I. The country. I'm glad that you can relax with the

    Dogs. Pets are great and so good for us. Please look after yourself

    And keep your spirits up.


  • thank you.moving to where I live was the best move I ever made.moving from the centre of a busy Kent town to a semi-rural town was such a huge difference.its a rare occasion to see a seal in the river and in ten years have only seen two.this particular one the local rescue charity said it regularly sits on the mud flats under the bridge and waits for the tide to come in.i phoned them cos I thought it had an injured flipper and there had been the remains of one sadly washed up on the local beach recently..they said it waves its flipper and it certainly did when it looked up at me standing on the bridge looking at it.they said they' d take a look anyway.

  • Ah that's lovely about the seal.they are lovely

    Animals.i hope your feeling a bit better today.

    Be good to yourself

    HannAh x

  • walked over hte river again today,seal pup was in the same place and looking up at me as I looked down at it and it waved its flipper again and shuffled along on its side.i also saw what I thought was the tree that is in the river and is uncovered at low tide.on getting closer I realised it was an adult seal-probably the young ones mother.if it does htis regularly it has a long wait fro tide to come back in and is 8 miles away from the islands where thye breed.

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