They're out to get me!

Don't know who 'they' are but some of them made me Xmas cakes...of course they knew I was the only one who liked it so would eat it all. I've put 1.5 stone on since then so I decided to go on a diet last week when the nurse had weighed me and I found out.

I've been taking thyroid supplement tablets and XLS fat binders - the ones they advertise on telly. Promised myself I wouldn't touch the scales except once a week and I didn't but...I weighed myself this morning and I've gained another 2 lbs! I've hardly eaten anything so how does that figure?

Also I've got a horrible feeling that I can't trust anyone I know - they've got a secret plot against me to make me fat and hate myself even more and then I'll kill myself and they'll all be rid of me. I daren't tell the CMHT cos I know what'll happen...they'll section me but then my money will get stopped and I need to pay my bills and buy my ciggies etc.

Not on any illegal drugs, never have done...well weed once or twice but years ago.

Am I losing the plot completely?

Sorry if all this sounds a bit weird but it is for me too.

PS Holly - if u read this please just chat to me, you're the only one I really know has been through the mill. PLEASE!


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6 Replies

  • What is an XLS fat binder?

  • Hi Lucy

    I think they're made from seaweed...I know they're a natural substance anyway but they weigh you at the chemist before they'll sell them to you to make sure you are overweight otherwise they won't sell them to you.



  • it binds fat and makes you carry it through the other end without obsorbing it.

  • Evening

    No your not losing the plot.

    Those XlS take a while to kick in, my mate use to take them and he lost three stone in the end, he had to change his diet though as well,the doc gave him a sheet to help him pick the right foods.

    Maybe you need to go back to the docs about your other meds to see if they need changing.

    Keep posting on here you are not alone ok.

    Gardener x

  • Thanks Gardener

    I'll keep on going then and hope I turn a corner but I can't help feeling that my meds aren't helping :(



  • I think you have to put it in proper perspective, "they" didnt make you throw those cakes down your mouth. You did!! thats why you have put on weight. You had a choice!! You do sound paranoid. Now I put on weight if I dont eat too. So the best thing you can do, is... eat breakfast, and at 11 eat an apple or something with a cupp, toast maybe with a egg. Then at one, have some soup. Then for lunch have a yogart. Then evening meal chicken with some veg. and four small potatoes. Keep it small, but what you will do is, boost your burning power. If you dont eat then your body goes slow and stores fat!! fact. you feel like crap which dont help your moods, or how you feel.

    I found diet chef great, because the meals were already prepared, all i had to do was add veg, darker green the better, because it speads up loosing the pounds and makes you feel fuller longer, and give you a good clear out.

    If I wanted something sweet, I would buy a tub of grapes and eat the lot. yummy. If you want a cake. Make sure it is only one! people like us, will eat the whole batch given the chance, so dont give yourself the chance.!!to.

    the meals you can choose, and my goodness they are tasty, and its measured. so dont have extra,. it makes our turmmy smaller so satisfy s us without feeling pigged out! I have lost a stone and gone down a dress size. Its given me my power back and I feel better for it. those clothes fit and I feel more in control.

    But in winter you do want to eat more than you need, to keep warm. comfort eating foods,( cakes , chips, all the wrong stuff) So I have bought some thermals to help.

    come spring you will feel great!!! and will feel more like going for a swim or a walk. june zamba club meet and make new friends.

    So stop punishing yourself and start looking after yourself with loving who you are.

    take care


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