Normality, if you can call it that. Back to work tomorrow for a full week. Hoping that this will help. The last 2 weeks have been anything but normal. Work 2 days off 5 then work 2 off 5. Have found this Christmas and New Year very tough. Can't seem to get myself going. Some nights can't sleep and others all I want to do is sleep all day. Just seem to be down and can't get up. It feels like being in a pit and not being able to get out. Don't think that the dismal weather has helped, dull all day, rain, rain and more rain. Back to the GP this week.

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  • I am sorry your going through this. I can really relate to this though. It's hard and

    Sometimes I don't leave my apartment for a day or two. I find having to go out to

    Shops is good in one way and it gets me going again. I have yet to find the answers to these periods of bleakness. I was diagnosed with Anemia before Xmas and that

    Wouldn't help anyone to spring out of bed into the day. So maybe get Dr. To do blood test.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah, if you send me your address, I'll come and get you out, what a waste, staying in. Unfortunately it's one of my worst traits, as well, unless I'm in a really good mood, it's far too easy to curl up and feel sorry for yourself. My expertise is making up excuses when friends ring up, ah sorry cant come my parrot got out and I have to look for it. When really I've rented it to the local theatre who are doing Long John Silver in Treasure Island.

    Sorry you may have anemia. not that I know a lot about it, other than it's a blood disorder I wish you well

    and hope it is sorted out quickly, as you have enough on your plate. already.

    My love to you


  • Jamie thanks for that. You know my friends always tell me

    That no one would ever think I was Depressed. I am InOne way a

    Happy type and like simple things like pottering around ( is summer) on my Balcony make it look like the hanging gardens

    Of Babylon . My saving grace is that I love a bit of fun and silly ness and if I hear a nice song on the radio. I grab my poor cat And

    Dance around the kitchen.

    I am never the bored type and like cooking too

    Hugs to you and hope you feel better soon.


  • Hi Sheila6ta,

    I can totally relate to your post and you're not the only one experiencing down moments.

    Just getting out of bed is so hard, taking a shower is exhausting. Like you I've had

    a tough holiday period. I've felt so lonely, down and isolated. I can't sleep. I keep ruminating. I wake up at 4am and I can't go back to sleep.

    I feel no one cares. No one! If I don't initiate a text or call no one bothers. I'm so tired of life right now. Today I feel so down and I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. As I can't sleep, I begin to get tired at 12pm during the day. You also right the weather has been total pants which hasn't help.

    A hug would help right now, just to know someone cared.

    I hope you get some solace from your GP.


  • Viktor sorry to hear your feeling bad. Weather would not help as here it's very stormy. I find that if I am feeling like that I can get tired and feel the day is so long. But now I know it's not real tiredness but boredom.


    Yourself a nice cuppa or better soon buy yourself a newspaper and go

    To a cafe and treat yourself to a coffee and a paper read. It will help otherwise you will feel you have done nothing today.


  • Thanks!

  • Big hug dude. We may not physically be by your side. But there's a whole bunch of people on here that care for ya mate.

    Power on V.

  • Bless you MrCareBear!

  • Hello

    They say January is the most sad month of the year, no Bank Holidays for three/four month and you, are in the coldest months of the year and the nights are long and dark. so we sit in front of the fire. with noses up the chimney.

    One thing the mornings now become brighter and evenings do become lighter so that is something to look forward to

    At this time of the year we look forward to Spring and we plan what we are going to do in the garden, and look forward for Easter and plan holidays and days out. for the warmer days

    For normality we make that for ourselves, what is normal anyway, life is how we make it so we just need to carry on. We cannot remain active all the time I suppose many people go to the gym to get over Christmas/New Year.

    What I look forward to are the snowdrops, then a little later crocus, then in March the beginnings of the Primroses and daffodils., Black thorn flowers then the Hawthorn flowers followed possibly end of April the Bluebells, by then we are getting the longer days and shorter nights. The trees now are getting their leaves and flowers, that is what I look forward to

    So it is not so bad , when we try and anticipate the new seasons in little bits.

    All the best


  • Hi Bob your post was lovely and I hit the recommend list. Flowers and

    Plants are great , I paint flowers and I love Snowdrops , their little heads peeping out from the hard frosty soil.


  • Wow, what a beautiful outtake on life and the simple pleasures one can enjoy provided by the Earth itself. Where do you go to see these flowers?

  • Just outside the gate we live in the countryside, we watch the seasons change from our window,

    It is a real bonus a glass half full is better than one empty

    Thanks, all the best


  • Hope you're feeling somewhat better today sheilas6ta.