Psychiatrist today. Pain really severe

I do wish that pain relief worked on me ! I have awkward metabolism which interferes with the absorption and processing of many medications. At the moment I'm having a severe flare of presumed polymyalgia rheumatica.and it's SO hard. Last night I took a dose of Oxynorm before I went to bed - only to be kept away by horrendous itching! Hence now I'm tired and can't see straight - that's the pregabalin! I do hope I can be referred bavck to pain clinic,




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3 Replies

  • Hi Ann,

    That sounds very draining. I hope you get a referral to the clinic. Are you able to look after your rats ok?

    Have you ever done any yoga? If not there are a couple of very simple things I've learned from that which may help ease the pain a little. Can't promise, but they might help.

  • Meditation has been shown to help some people in dealing with chronic pain - so not surprised that the yoga helps.

    Missrat - really hope you find something soon - may be worth trying some meditation if there is anything local. There are lots of different types of meditation and I think you have to find the right sort for you so may not be the first you try - but whatever you do try, if you try - give it a while.

    How did you get on with the psychiatrist? And did you get referred back to the pain clinic.?

  • No change with the psychiatrist. She agrees that I could have mild Asperger's syndrome

    I have some mindfulness CDs, so I could try them

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