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Red Coronet

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Hello, just got my red coronet and I’m curious as to the fit. Does it need to be tied or somewhat loose? Also is it self turn on and turn off? Meaning after 24 minutes does it shut itself off? Any information would be great. Thanks.

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yes it comes on automatically and turns itself off. I found the makers responded quickly to my email queries. I'm wearing mine now! Helps dispel the brain fog.

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MissRita in reply to Kevin51

Awesome! How long did it take for you to notice any changes?

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Kevin51 in reply to MissRita

Days not weeks; I recently started using mine twice a day and registered a further improvement.

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MissRita in reply to Kevin51

Awesome thx!

I adjusted the fit to be comfortable but not sloppy. Personally have not noticed any changes but I have not used mine religiously.

It turns on when the power turns on so you need to turn the power off after use.

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Goldencbc in reply to park_bear

PB, you have been such a resource to me and all of us. I am considering getting the Coronet and wonder if there is a reason you have not used it consistently. Given that it is expensive, your answer might help me make up my mind. Thanks, Carol

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park_bear in reply to Goldencbc

A sincere thank you for your kind words!

My inconsistent usage has to do with my personal situation which is a bit complicated. Those details would not shed any light on what you really want to know which is – does this device alleviate Parkinson's? For that answer you will need to look to other people's reports because I have not given it a fair test. Sorry I am not able to be more informative.

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Goldencbc in reply to park_bear

Thank you as always. Carol

I’ve used it 2 times a day for over a year. Sleep is almost 100 percent normal. Was waking at least 5-6 times a night, now maybe 1-2 at most. Brain Fog like 75% better. Sense of smell improved till I got Covid and broke my nose. Helped with depression and apathy quite a bit.


Hi Miss Rita .could you provide mfg. Contact number. Thank you.

For the coronet?

Sry yes the coronet red hat. Cost, delivery time and tel #. Thanks.

I think it took all of two weeks and depending on where you live, it cost me over $700 US. I don’t have a telephone number but I have a website address if you’d like that? Manufacturing company is in Australia.

Price is high! 2 weeks is acceptable. Lots of good press! Thank you

Well they say you can make your own but I don’t dare because I’d probably blow my brain up lol so far it has worked and it actually gives me a high sense of calm. Thing is I get facials every three weeks and they use LED on my face as well so it’s actually pretty cool.

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gwendolinej in reply to MissRita

I’ve had very productive chats by email with Dr Catherine Hamilton from Wellred. She’s been very helpful and sent me a copy of the article which appeared in The Australian Newspaper awhile back on the current research done here in Australia.

My husband’s neurologist is very positive about the coronet and says a few of his patients have told him they are using it with success.

We also have their Therapad, which we just starting to use on the gut…it’s good for injuries as well.

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MissRita in reply to gwendolinej

Where do I buy therapad? I have such gut issues with the meds I take.

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MissRita in reply to gwendolinej

Found it! Ordered! Thx ;)

I keep forgetting, only my wi fe can read my mind. Haha! Sorry

Lol no worries

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