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Has anyone out there had any success with near infra red light therapy? I am reading all this stuff on the internet about animal results & success with Alzheimer’s & brain injuries but being an old skeptic I trying to work out who is genuine & who is just trying to get some of my hard earned. I am considering getting a NIRT sauna but would like to know if it is going to be worth it. Any experience with this would be welcome. Keep battling. Biff

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I have doing vielight treatment with no success I had 6 months to return it I am still doing it

Hi google max burr. He’s an Australian who made his own helmet. He swears by it. Vielight is very expensive. Also google Dorset community Facebook menshed group and they are making them for 300$. Sounds a better option. There is a lot of research at Sydney uni. Can’t remember the names. Look under Getz on this community as I think he wrote a long post on it. Definitely worth a try

The guys name in Sidney is John Mitrofamis and he helped me build my own but I got no relief from it. My sense is that it helps more with Alzheimer’s as this is a full brain disease whereas for most, PD is resigned to a small deeply seated area well covered by other matter.

You can buy single portable foldable ones on Amazon. I love mine, don't use it as much as I could though!

I’ve been using the vie-light gamma for about 9 months. Wish I had a control twin. I’ve been able to reduce my amino acid(Hinz protocol) volumes, but not sure if it was adding B1or the time spent w my Vie light or whatever ? Can’t say I’ve ever sensed it working but I didn’t sense Parkinson’s sneaking up on me either until it was too late? I decide to keep it ( my 65th bday present to myself) ,because from what I read it shouldn’t do any harm. How many Parkinson’s treatments can you say that about. I’m not unhappy that I bought it. If it lessens my chance of Alzheimer’s it’s worth it ??? Best of luck!

Here is my experience of red light therapy, which I refer to hereafter as PBM ( for photobiomodulation), using the Duo Coronet helmet, which I use once per day.

The helmet is available from

The helmet was recommended to me by Professor John Mitrofanis of the Sydney University School of Anatomy, who has researched PBM for many years. A number of articles by him can be found online, and several are referenced in various pages of the Red Lights on the Brain blog linked above.

The following was written in August 2019:

Age: 55

Diagnosis: Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease, November 2016

Health: apart from PD I am very fit. Was doing advanced level martial arts until end of 2015, and lots of running. I still hike in the Blue Mountains, including challenging hikes of 800 m elevation. While aerobically fit, in the past 18 months I’ve experienced a significant worsening of motor symptoms, particularly fine motor skills, tremor, cogwheel rigidity and dystonia. In February 2019 I had to stop work and give up my career due to the onset of symptoms, and particularly the feeling of malaise that forced me to lie down many times a day.

Medication: Azilect (Rasagiline) 1 mg/day since October 2018

My initial experience of PBM is that I felt significantly worse for a few days after commencing, followed by a couple of days feeling really great, much better than I had felt for many months. (I have noticed that any sudden change in routine will have a likely deleterious effect on my symptoms).

Longer term, the big win for me with PBM has been the almost complete mitigation of the dreadful malaise that I had been experiencing. It seems that motor symptoms generally respond less to PBM than other symptoms, while symptoms related to cognition, such as forgetting words and slurred speech, seem to improve significantly. It’s only been a couple of months, so I am optimistic that over the longer term there will be a gradual improvement in motor symptoms. That being said, I am tackling my PD from many different directions, so over a long period it may be hard to attribute changes to a single factor.


Now (March 2020) I can say that the gains are holding. I still use the helmet daily.

Motor skills have continued to decline, and I doubt I could currently do one of the hikes I mentioned with ease, but in other regards things are much better, especially the absence of malaise, which was just horrible when I was experiencing it.

Hope these insights are of some help.

faridaro in reply to Drungarius

Thank you for the detailed update, hope you'll continue benefiting from the red light.

Drungarius in reply to faridaro

You are welcome. I meant to mention that the helmet costs around $500AUS. I would have tried building my own if my fine motor skills were up to it.

faridaro in reply to Drungarius

Initially I was considering getting helmet but then decided on trying Vielight which I started using 3 weeks ago - don't see improvements in any areas so far but it's probably still too early.

Drungarius in reply to faridaro

Well, it won’t do you any harm. Hopefully you will find benefits in the longer term. For me it was quite dramatic, but tapered off quickly. I don’t mean it stopped working, rather that the gains came rapidly then stabilised.