Long battle with RA

Hello RA Warriors! New to this site- 49 yr old female w/ JRA diagnosis at age 3. Numerous surgeries through the years - neck fusion, ankle arthrodesis and last year a total hip replacement (after a fall in snow breaking it due to osteop) . Tried most of the traditional biologics (Humira, Enbrel, Remicade, some twice). Currently on Cimzia but it's no longer working. My rheumy & I are looking at next steps- possibly trying the new one Xeljanz, a different type of biol that targets RA via a different mechanism.

Has Anyone tried this? Results? They are also looking at Rituxan but side effects can be severe and scary. Xeljanz is a once daily pill w/ no injection. Hoping this one hits nail on the head! Pain as you all know is brutal, exhausting, frustrating . I'm still working FT and a mom to 3 boys. Any responses would be great! Carry on fellow warriors! 👍🏻

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  • I am 49 Monday😊 I have tried xeljanz with no luck I hope it works better for you!🙏 I am on orencia which seems to help with pain. I was on actimera and then had a reaction. Never had rituxin good luck, praying xeljanz works for you😊

  • So sorry for your complicated RA I have not tried the drug but hopefully it works for you. This sickness is so many treatment methods. Take care. God Bless

  • I'm on Xeljanz. Started in April. Don't know if it's really working. I have JIA with my first attack at age 4, now 56. I've gone through most of the biologic as well. I go to rheumy' in 2 weeks for first check up since starting Xeljanz. Can't wait to see results of bloodwork!

    Good luck if you go on Xeljanz! Let us know how it works for you!

  • Thanks so much! Good luck to you as well! 😄

  • Thanks Kai! Hoping the next treatment is " the one"! I don't have time for not feeling well! Lol... Thankfully my "men" are wonderful and supportive!

  • I was on xeljanz for a while but developed issues with my gums and had to have a tissue transplant. Was a rare side effect. I was on rituxan for two years. It worked better than anything I have ever taken but during an infusion my heart started racing and i turned red all over. I had an allergic reaction. Yes there were side effects too because i had to have benadryl and solumedrol. The combination made it impossible for me to work for a week after each infusion. Since I have been on everything I am now back on orencia which I had taken a number of years ago. Seems to be ok so far. Good luck

    I hopethey ginf something that works for you.

  • Thanks for your reply! I'm hoping one of them does the trick!

  • Hello Warriors! So, saw my new rheumy & she recommended Acterma (another injectible) Instead because of its different mechanism ( IL-6 Inhibitor) so I started my first shot yesterday! So hopeful.. Been reading up on it so looks promising! Of course I did yard work on Sat b/c I felt good ( you know how it goes.. Saying to self ("Fuck it, I feel great today! As I bend, pull out weeds, shovel, rake for 2 hours). Paid for that dearly on Sunday! But... Whaddyagonnado? Carry on fellow warriors ! Hope you all have a fantabulous 4th!! 💥💥🇺🇸

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