It's nice to see I'm not alone! I'm 43 and was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago. I've always had fatigue but dr's chalked it up to being a single mother. I've always been active and ran and did sprint triathlon the. One day I was running and almost fell down. My legs just wouldn't work. Then I got hit by a freight train of pain. My dr did blood work and after repeated tests and RA FACTOR high and climbing with each test was diagnosed. Was on enbrel humira and orencia. Got severely ill with strep and shingles and had to decide I was no longer going to take the biologic's. I have since taken a natural path with Plexus. midstateplexus.com tried the TrioPak and it has been a GODSEND!!! My pain is minimal. Still have days of fatigue but nothing like what it has been. I'm biking and swimming again and run when I can. My husband cannot believe that I can get out of bed and take on the world again. It has taken a commitment on my part but worth every minute. I'm very greatful for this site and all that post and all that keep getting up and making it happen :)

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  • I'm also 43 and diagnosed 3 years ago. I recently was told about Plexus and wasn't sure if it would help or not so thank you for sharing that it has helped you!

  • Absolutely! Check out the website I posted. It's mine and contains videos and information and please ask me any questions you may have!! I was so depressed and just defeated and felt if it can't hurt why not. And I tell you I'm thankful everyday for it and so is my family. My RA factor is still high but it is lower than it has been!!! I'd love to hear your journey.

  • It is strange what RA can do to us. My fatigue was so bad they diagnoses me with narcolepsy. Between the RA meds and the narcolepsy meds I am finally starting to feel like a normal person.

  • That is such a good way to say it feeling "normal" again has been a long journey and I have had to come up with my own normal and rest when needed and not allow myself to feel inadequate when I am not up for "life" . Thank you for sharing :)

  • Thanks for sharing this, Robin - I will take a look at it! It's good to hear from others who have made the personal decision to discontinue the pharmaceutical regimen! I was on methotrexate oral, then injectable, multiple courses of prednisone, and high-dose naproxen, then was prescribed the addition of Enbrel when symptoms were not controlled. For a number of reasons I chose not to initiate the Enbrel and have also now discontinued the methotrexate. I am now 3 weeks off methotrexate and have started my own "cocktail" of natural supplements. Still in transition and too soon to tell how I'll do on this path, but I really wanted to try something different before committing to a lifetime of pharmaceuticals and suppressed immune system! I recognize I may end up back on that path, but at least I'll feel better about it having explored other options. One of the most important things in dealing with this disease is being your own advocate and listening to your body!!

  • Wishing you much healing on your new journey and like I said any questions come up I'm more than happy to assist... I've done so much research I have a plethora of info! Have you also been tested for Epstein Barre virus?

  • You go, Girl! I'm proud to know of you.

  • I miss sports most of all. I used to run, golf, scuba, ski, etc., but now I can't do any of them. I grieved that loss for a very long time. I guess I still do. I'm so happy you can still bike, swim, and run. Enjoy it for as long as you can, RA warrior!

  • I completely understand. I was unable to do anything for a couple of years. And became very depressed and a little angry. I did have to grieve the loss of myself...so weird! Since this last avenue I have tried I have been able to regain some of me back. I still have days where the fatigue is too much to do anything but not like before. So when I can I do :) rock on my new RA warrior friend!

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