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Has anyone else experienced sores at both mouth corners, now including very dry mouth, sore lips and tongue, sticky mouth feeling? Dermatologist tried me on 4 different mouth cremes unsuccessfully and has referred me to ENT doc in mid March. On my own made a dental appt for tomorrow thinking maybe RA has now caused periodontal disease. Maybe the specialists are looking for zebras when it's actually a horse? Another possibility: could be mouth ulcers caused by methotrexate. Does anyone have thoughts or a similar experience?

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  • Methotrexate, more than likely. Hopefully your ENT will have a plan. So sorry you are experiencing this possible side effect. You take care.

  • Thanks, Barb66. I saw the dentist today for a consult and I do not have peridontal disease. Dentist says so far what has been done is right and next step is ENT doc. He is as puzzled as I am. Anyway, ENT appt is 3/14. Guess I will have to wait for that and see what happens then.

  • Yes I've had a sore on the side of my mouth now for a over a month, it heals, gets scaly and then cracks again! I thought it might be my mtx?

  • Hi SherryKay - Try some EV coconut oil to help with the sores. It is antiviral, antibacterial, etc., and it moistens well. It may even help prevent them if you use it routinely... Best luck getting it identified

  • Thank you, CaerylUSA. I will try it. Couldn't hurt, for heaven's sakes! This has been going on for months without resolution and is so unsightly and annoying.

  • I have a chronic problem called Lichen Planus Mucosa, which affects tissue in the mouth. It is currently dormant thanks to an off-use of a retinol- based cream that my dermatologist gives me. She providesme sample tubes since this use is not covered by insurance.

  • Martiroam, can you let me know the name of the medication so that I can bring its use up as a possible solution when I meet with the ENT doc on the 14th? Going to the dentist today to see if periodontal disease may be present, although I doubt it. More likely it is a reaction to methotrexate.

  • Helloshelly, you and I suspect the same thing: Methotrexate. I have taken it for years but I guess one can develop a side effect at any time. Another possibility to bring up to my dentist and ENT doc. Thanks for your support.

  • Keep up the good fight!!

  • You might also mention to them Sjogren's Syndrome. That doesn't explain the ulcers, but certainly does the dry, dry mouth, lips, tongue. Also eyes can be very dry. It's a common "companion" autoimmune issue in people with RA.

  • yes - awful sores - on methotrexate. Get inside lips, inside cheeks, on tongue and causes gum swelling and pain in the area... I use coconut oil with a few drips of Oil of Oregano, but seeing dentist today... at one point ALL of my teeth hurt!

  • I sure hope it's not the Methotrexate but I suspect it. I did see the dentist this week to rule out periodontal disease and he said the dermatologist is right to refer me to ENT doc. He reviewed everything they've done so far and said it is what he would have done also. So I have to wait until mid March for the ENT doc appt. In addition, I am having an RA flare in my hand which is painful. RA doc out of town so she called in prescription for Prednisone and Tramadol. Should bring relief, I hope. Good luck with your dentist. I will be interested in what you learn from that. Sending you virtual hugs. :)

  • Hi, I am Debb! I have had mouth sores due to methotreaxte. My rheumatologist split my methotrexate into two days. IT WORKED!

    Let me know if it works.

    Warm hugs

  • Well, that is certainly worth a try. Are the days far apart or one right after the other?

  • I will ask my mom but she has RA as well as me, I remember her getting mouth sores as well as dry mouth. I will ask and get back on her tomorrow

  • Thanks. So confusing. Nothing has helped to date--2 doctors and 4 medications and sores persist. Appt. with ENT doc on Tuesday. Hopeful to find an answer at last.

  • My mom went off medication then they went away. Take care hope you find a solution

  • I take leucovorin along with my folate to prevent mouth sores. I also have Sjogrens which cause severe mouth, throat, eye & other tissue dryness. You might look it up to see if any of the symptoms apply to you. I use Restasis, dry mouth lozenges, & anything else I can think of to help with the dry mouth & throat problems. I hope these suggestions help.

  • Thanks. I will investigate further. I appreciate your feedback.

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