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My gp has diagnosed me with RA I'm 33 and have 2 wonderful lil girls one is 10 and the other will be 2 soon. It all started a few years ago I would wake up with my hands swollen and be very stiff feeling but I just brushed it off thinking it was from sleeping wrong and not getting enough sleep being a new mom. Well it was getting worse my feet were starting to feel like I was walking on golf balls and would develop blisters on the bottom for no reason while sleeping. So I went to doctor who told me right away Just buy looking at me I had RA my hands were red swollen so were my feet I went for blood work but that was fine so I guess I'm seronegetive. The pain has Gorton so bad I can hardly move I have these bumps all over my hands feet shoulders knees and elbows. I would guess RA nodules. I went for xray on back yesterday to find out what was causing pain and I have very very bad scoliosis I have never seen such a curve.. I'm really scared as I have always been very active and love doing things with my kids. I can't get into a rhemuy until August.

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  • Read and practice as many natural remedies as possible. Find a good chiropractor and follow his / her instructions. Purchase long term care insurance before seeing the new doc and before any meds are prescribed.certain meds will disqualify you from many insurance carriers.

  • I didn't know that About the insurance I will look into that thank you. I just can't wait to get started to get control I can barley walk brush my teeth or anything I don't sleep im in so much pain right now it's my shoulder s. But it has really been moving from hands to feet to knees and now my shoulders are really bad it travels down my arms. Thank you for your support.

  • So sorry to hear about all the pain you're dealing with. Hope you find some relief soon. I've experienced similar pain in the shoulders and recently my Rheumy increased my Methotrexate and I'm starting to feel some relief. I can relate to the frustration I also have a little one and stress out all the time about wether I am going to be able to keep up with him or even care for him properly because of the pain. Wishing you much luck in getting back to feeling good.

  • Keeping up with 2year olds is tough enough with out an autoimmune diseases but 10 times harder with. I take maps with my little one sometimes 3hr maps I have never been so tired. The swelling is so bad all over I feel like a ballon I have lost 20 pounds in 3 months. I just can't wait to start finding a way to control this I can't get into a rhumy until August .

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