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2 Drs cure RA

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I Rec'd this info from a health professional and am sharing it. You choose to take this info anyway you want or ignore.

I have been on a plant based/raw diet for over a yr and have lowered most of the meds with approval from my RA Dr and eliminated the Humira since March 2018, also w approval from Dr. Most people don't want to chg their diet but it wasn't hard for me. And I'm not perfect, I eat chicken or fish if I go out w friends for meals.

I play dbls tennis twice a week and swing dance once a week. I Have little or no pain related to RA.

Dear ,

Over the last several years I have listened to multiple physicians at conferences tell

their stories of "curing" themselves of autoimmune illness with whole food plant based

diets (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc.). Haven't had a chance to interview Monica

Aggarwal, MD but she is a plant-based cardiologist who heard recently at a conference

who did it. Here story is inspiring. It's not only about getting off of offending foods (dairy,

meats, eggs, wheat, junk carbs etc.) and eating more nutrient dense plant foods but

it's also about getting your life under control stress wise. Here is Dr. Aggarwal's inspiring

story as well as Erika Cline's story a young 28 year old with severe rheumatoid arthritis,

brain fog, numbness, dizziness, anemia and chronic fatigue who reversed her rheumatoid

arthritis in a 1-2 year period.

But we've known doing fasting then proceeding to a low allergy plant based (vegan)

diet has reversed RA symptoms for years. You can apply this same approach to any

autoimmune illness and for that matter any chronic pain syndrome, especially if related to joints.

Monica Aggarwal, MD's Story


Erika Cline's Story


Fasting and Vegetarian Diet Benefits RA



Kirk's Basic Elimination Diet (page 2) - Can help without fasting.


Be and Stay Well,

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Monika Aggarwal's story is amazing. My own story of recovery from RA, OA and PsA echoes it. I cannot commend strongly enough the advantages of plant-based health. In my own case, with the fully support of my doctor & rheumy, I have removed methotrexate and other drugs from my body, I no longer have excrutiating pain, nor any inflammation. And thanks to a regime of almost daily hot yoga I have brought myself out of a wheelchair to be able to walk at a fast pace. My worst time was late 2015, I had my last methotrexate tablet July 2017.

This is not an easy path, just last I had some Belgian chocolates waved under my nose.. We all have different starting points, and it takes patience and determination. But it is possible.

Great news, thanks for sharing.

Hi - I have been vegan and gluten-free since shortly after my dx - about three years. I had cut out all meat and fish at age 13 - longer ago then I care to calculate! My rheumatologist is amazed at my progress. He supports my efforts and am now only on decreased dose of Methotrexate. Aside from the supplements I take, my diet contains liver-healthy foods. The second piece to living well and pain free for me is exercise. When I get stressed at work and the fatigue hits, I can feel it.

If you're not opposed to herbal remedies, I also take powdered Kratom in my tea. It gets me through the morning stiffness and "blahs."

There is one suggestion I can make for those who find all plant-based hard. Goat milk does not contain the inflammatory casein of cow's milk. The nutrition is also better absorbed into the body. So my only non-vegan splurge is an occasional cup of goat kefir or yogurt...you can even find tasty goat milk cheddar. I also feel better buying this as I'm not aware of factory-farmed goats - at least in the US. I hope this doesn't become a thing or that I am wrong. You just have to check your sources. Animal cruelty was the main reason I became vegetarian....

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MarshaM in reply to GoatGirl56

Thanks for sharing, GoatGirl56. It is not easy and it isn't an overnight fix.

I too have been able to lower my mtx. I feel stiffness if I consume refined sugar. Sugar is the devil to your gut.

thank you marshal m and goatgb girl. will try this. what are the must take supplements

I don't take any supplements. I am still on low dose meds, mtx and hydro until Dr clears me. Although I have stopped the Humira w Dr approval. Avoid sugar, processed oils, all dairy, bread. Only oils are from food like avocados, almonds. Eat raw foods plant based, tons of greens, lots of water! Pretty much cleans out your gut.

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