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Advice please

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I have uc for the last 3years.lhave recently been in a flare which started in medication is 6x800 mg octasa daily and prednisone 5mg suppository daily.I was wondering whether anyone could help....How long could the flare last.I have read up on certain things and decided to take a turmeric supplement hopefully the medication plus these will help me from going to the loo 4/5 times each morning.Any other advice would be greatly appreciated..... thanks Lynda

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Hi my son has ulcerative colitis and my understanding is mornings are usually when you will experience most toilet trips. In regards to how long a flare will last it very much depends on the individual, extent of inflammation and severity. You are I believe on the maximum dose of oral mesalazine and although your taking rectal steroid suppositories it’s not unusual and probably good practice to add a mesalazine based rectal suppository or enema particularly if you find your rectum is most affected. When you are very symptomatic and mesalazine isn’t controlling you they will often prescribe a course of oral steroids to try and induce remission and then think about escalating treatment with immune suppressants and biologics which are very effective. Hope this helps. Kelly x

Thankyou very much Kelly that has helped me I have a telephone conversation with my I b d nurse on Wednesday when I will ask her about the suppressant and biologics Lynda x

2 months is a long time without any change in flare, can you ask for a course of oral steroids from the nurses?

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Thank you I will ask but I have always tried to stay a way from steroids if I did get them how long would I have to be on them ?

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Typically the course prescribed is 5 to 8 weeks on a downwards taper (its not a long term solution). For some they can be godsend in just getting the pain of the flare calmed down to allow the long term meds a chance to regain control.

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Thankyou that was very helpful x

I agree, it sounds like you need to look at the meds again. A prednisone foam enema might be a thought if you are dead set against taking them orally.

You have to do what you feel comfortable with but I completely agree have a chat with your IBD nurse Lynda and see if prednisilone could be prescribed. Nobody likes taking them but they are very effective. The thing with this disease is it can get out of control very quickly and you want to try and limit the extent of inflammation as much as possible. That means throwing the kitchen sink at it sometimes. Fingers are crossed for you lovely that you will be in blissful remission soon x

Thankyou I hope so to xxx

My son had UC .. do browse .. I’m not advertising this site but have gained great knowledge n relief from the alternate medicine n adviceDuring flares loads of nutrients are lost .. I highly recommend Absorb Plus elemental drink .. thus was a savior for my son. Wishing you feel better soon n ok earn to manage the flare at the earliest. 🤗

Thanks I will have a look x

Today and yesterday the urgency seems to have subsided although now stools seems to be coming a bit better although the first bowel movement of the day is still coated in a little blood. Could this be because the stools are forming better or better still could it be I’m coming out of the flare.Lynda xx

My flare lasted 6 months. I was going down! Started I flex track along with SCDiet and in 6 months my colonoscopy looked great. I’m telling you without that diet I doubt the outcome would have been so good. My GI even mentioned the word “miracle”. Yet again I prayed a lot too.

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I meant Inflectra infusion

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