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Not eating and when do feel sick


Looking for advice really. I have UC, been having a bit of a flare and for the last two weeks this has included feeling sick whenever I eat. Tried to reduce fibre etc, but a little fed up of trying to eat and just being unable to without fearing if I'm going to throw up. Which I usually don't. Trying to get medicine adjusted but in the meantime does anything work/help any of you?

I usually have a super healthy appetite, like eat way too much, so this is unlike me.

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Have you spoken to your Gastro team for advice ?

Yes they're changing my medicine but could take a few months to start working.

When I was suffering from bad nausea, a pharmacist told me to try cetirizine hayfever tablets, I have heard of this advice before, and it did help...I think. Anyway no harm in trying it. Failing that, pepto bismol is an old and trusted remedy. Hope you find something that gives you some relief.

thank you!

I had awful nausea during my first flare. My GP gave me some medication which did the trick.

very bland white foods. Small meals--5 to 6 a day as tolerated

Wishing you all the best. I also try herbal tea

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