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diagnostic appointment

Hello my hpolyri and celiac test came back negative (there still a chance I have celiac I was gluten free when taking the test) so I've been fast tracked to see the upper gastro specialist on next thursday and I think I will be having a camera putting in me 😮 My question is crohns diagnosable through a biopsy/endoscopy or does it have to be colonscopy? 🤔 Also I got an mri for endo but will inflammation/ crohns show up even with buscopan and no dye? 🤔 Thank you 😊

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damage done to the intestine takes approx 12 weeks to repair. An MRI will show pitting from ulceration and inflammation without contrast. Upper scope biopsy will only show crohns if you have it in that area - the tissues are different from healthy tissue.

good luck x

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Never got to see the mri anyway 😂 But thank you 😊 From the sounds of it I maybe as the say having a top and tail because my endo specialists want to see if my endo has travelled into my bowel 😮 X


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