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Which symptoms are more worrying - too many bowel movements or bleeding?


I just wondered which symptoms during a flare people (and medical staff) are more concerned about - rectal bleeding or frequency of bowel movements? I've been on Mercaptopurine for 9 weeks now and have just finished my 8 week course of steroids and still have some symptoms of my on-going flare of UC. The positive is that my bowel movements have become a little more solid and are less frequent at 3/4 times a day but the negative is I still have rectal bleeding at every bowel movement and a few times in between throughout the day with mucus but not the stool. Is the blood a worse symptom than bowel habits? Would you think I'm improving because my bowels have settled a bit? Some days I wonder if I shouldn't worry about blood as my poo's are more solid with less urgency and frequency? Any advice and your experiences to share are very appreciated, thank you

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