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Some advice needed?

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I suffered with an intestinal blockage back in August 17 and had a week of laxatives and suppositories and a week later i suffered a flare up and lost my appetite completely. Fast forward a month later, i've lost weight as i never got my appetite back and i'm having the same symptoms as last time. i've got a very uncomfortable full feeling in my stomach, i've not been to the toilet in 32 hours and i'm in the same pain as i was last time. After last time, i've done research on narrowings in the intestines and i honestly think that this is something which i have. I have an appointment to see a specialist in two weeks and im in two minds as to if i should phone them up and try to get the appointment brought forward. I'm on a final action plan in work and if i wait for the appointment,even though its in 12 days, i fear that if i do what i did last time and go to accident and emergency and have the laxative and suppositories that i'm going to get the sack from work. I know either way i'm going to be having time off but it's rubbish. i wish i didn't have this horrible illness. :(

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It certainly sounds like a stricture. I would def ring up and ask if you could be seen earlier. what job do you do? do you have a union? Iv had the same from my employer (I work in NHS!) but I got union involved and they seem to have backed off. I have also seen the Occupational Health team and they say I fall within the disability act, so this gives extra protection. It might be worth printing off some information for your employer from the crohns and colitis web site. Unfortunately there is still a lot of ignorance surrounding IBD, and people think its a type of IBS - Even staff I work with.

take care x

What are you eating? In my case, a structure caused by collectomy surgery means I can't eat mushrooms or anything with an outer husk - beans, tomato skin, peas, particularly fibrous stuff.

I would find when I had a blockage, switch to drinking bovril - if you're in the US I don't know if you have an equivalent - but it's like a beef extract and forms a sort of thick tea. It's got goodness in it, so you don't feel like you have to eat so much and it is liquid, so helps move things along.

I hope you feel better soon.

Hello. Can I ask what is a 'final action plan at work? I'm from Canada and not familiar with this but it sounds daunting.

you mentioned a blockage in August, are you diagnosed with Crohns or Colitis? Do your stools resemble the circumference of a pencil? ( this is indicative of a stricture) Just trying to get more info to better answer you, as I have a stricture and no expert but I been through what your going through. Have they checked for severe constipation? As this can be very dangerous with stricture. Are you on any medications for Crohns or Colitis?

I am in a liquid diet until my MRI in November in which it will be determined if I need surgury to remove stricture, and starting Remicade in less than 10 days, hoping the Med can tone down the ulceration and bleeding at the stricture site, to avoid surgury.

Can you ask your doctor to bump up your appointment?

I have been feeling ill for 5 weeks now. I have ulcerative colitis but no diarrhoea nor bleeding. I am on pentasa. I am terribly constipated and I have very scant soft stools even with 3 movicol. My gastro is waiting for calpoprectin test results to see if I should go on asathiopine.

I have a rectocele, cystocele and I struggle to pass water. I have been in and out of hospital but they send me home after doing bloods which are fine. I saw a urologist who is going to do a dilatation of urethra. I’ve had that before and it did help. So I am so confused with what’s wrong with me. The doctors too. I hardly eat anything but am nauseous all the time. I am off work for another 3 weeks but I am sure they’ll be wanting me to leave.

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