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Drug allergy !

Hi all ! I'm fairly new here. I have Crohns and different types of arthritis. I actually didn't know where to post this question ? I recently had a tooth extracted and the dentist prescribed Clyndamycin as a precautionary measure against infection. I took it for 3 days And then I developed a terrible reaction from it ! I have been to the ER...with throat swelling and lips . I called my family dr. Etc. now I have hives all over which are driving me crazy ! I'm wondering if being on Remicade ...Azathioprine ...and prednisone have something to do with this lingering on so long ! How long will it last ! Its been 6 days now ! It's almost as if all my medical professional team seem like this is new to them ? I get no answers !

I am taking Benedryl...pepsid...and prednisone as well as slathering various itch creams on myself !

I'd really appreciate any advice/ reassurance from anyone ?

God Bless...Gram 214

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ouch, clindamycin is a strong antibiotic, and is known to cause bad diarrhoea so uis usually used very cautiously with Crohns - are you allergic to penicillin? the meds you mentioned do lower your immune system so it may take longer to get over it


Yes..I've been allergic to penicillin forever. If I had taken the time to read the phamplet it actually says Crohnnies shouldn't take it ! Why do we trust professionals ? We must always be our own advocat ! Now I'm hoping it doesn't cause further problems after the skin thing !

It's just frustrating because my Dr.s seem to be sceptical that it's from the drug ! The ER nurse actually said it couldn't be from the drug because I took it 3 days before it erupted ! Asking silly questions like...have you changed laundry detergent ? Duhhhh

I guess I'm just overly cranky right now..but can't get much sleep because of itching !

Thanks for the reply !


Any rash nurses have to go through a set of questions to determine cause - even if they feel its drug related. hope your feeling better x


Yes..I know you're right. I was just overly cranky , I actually still break out in hives at night ! It's not nearly as bad as it was though. Im thinking its when I get too warm ? A few people I've talked to say they also had symptoms for weeks untill it finally resolved itself. Looking back I'm extremely lucky things went as " well " as they did ! Thanks for thinking of me. 😊


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