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Hi, I am new here and would like to say hi. My name is T. and my 15 year old has some type of inflammatory bowel disease. He is getting worked up to determine what exactly it is. I feel so bad for him, hes been having symptoms for awhile but just lately over the summer he lost 10 lbs and started to become weak and dizzy, come to find out he is severly anemic. He was scoped at 1 year old and has eosinophilic gastroenteritis and now its time for another scope. His father died of colon cancer 6 years ago so this is a scary thing. Hoping to learn a lot and vent when I need it. lol. Looking forward to it all.

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  • My brother was diagnosed at 15 with Crohns (24 yrs ago) after 2 yrs of being very ill. At 19 he had an ileostomy. he says it best thing he had done. I was 18 when diagnosed and have had no surgery - except for adhesions following csection. But have tried many meds and the biologics work wonders. IBD affects people in different ways and some people find certain diets are beneficial. It is a long process esp for accurate diagnosis, which is very frustrating. I wish you both all the best and we are here for you to share x

  • All I can say, I used to have moderate UC, is that I tried Lambert's silica 200mg made from bamboo, apparently most bioavailability since its from plants, I was drinking a silicon rich mineral water, Volvic, 1 litre/day.

    It's good for digestive health! I can not drink mains piped water any longer, last time I did I had to see my GI Dr, cause I was flaring, and I had to restart drinking the Volvic again, I think ordinary water burns my throat, tastes like metal/acid, maybe that's just me. This silicon rich natural mineral water tastes so much softer.

    Try the water 1 litre/day with the silica capsules(health foods?), if you have the water alone it will make your stool soft, getting wetter, did me, then I did the silica capsules, stools got a lot firmer, and since I'd had so much diarrhoea I had to relearn to start the process with a push!

    That's a bit graphic, but I've never felt better, apparently silica's good for a few other things, the body will only take what it can use.

    Good luck, there's an old Yorkshire saying, something like, you've got to eat a peck of dirt before you die, and much of modern farming reduces the amount of silica in foodstuffs.

    Just try some silicon rich mineral water first, a larder 1.5 litre bottle, if it helps go from there.