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Ive always had stomache issues..I had the gastric bypass in 2007 and ever since then I have had diahrhea daily with occassional constipation, usually from taking nausea meds..I have finally gone to a specialist and he did a calprotectin test on me. My numbers are 161.1 and at Quest Diagnostic Labs the range of High is 162.2. So am I borderline? Or good? My stomache hurts daily and i have flare ups very often where its complete diarhea many times a day. Im just curious about my numbers..I want a solution, or at least be on the path of one. I have many other symptoms right now, like low blood pressure (weird for me, ive been high for many many years) so im week and my muscles ache..and im so foggy in my brain..can someone tell me something about my numbers?

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  • Hi, in my opinion there is no borderline, you either have an inflammatory bowel disease or you do not. did you do the test through a gastroenterologist ? A colleague of mine had a gastric bypass some years ago and she has had bowel probs since. She said it was one of the 'side effects' she was warned about.

  • Thank you. I did have the tests through a Gastroenterologist. I have an appt next week. The lab i had it done at has the range at = or below 162.2 and my numbers are 161.1. I guess i just want answers and its a bit disappointing to know that once again we dont know why i feel so bad. I am now having low blood pressure, dizziness, weakness and headaches....

  • bless you, have you noticed any blood or mucus in your stools. during active inflammatory disease, blood pressure is high - though we not all the same. is your pulse high or low?

  • ive seen mucous..not blood...I just got taken off my blood pressure meds because I was so low..Absolutely strange for rate is alittle low too.... I have a crazy you know why my stool would always smell metallic?

  • Hi not a crazy question hun, you could be low in intrinsic factor which helps the body absorb vitamin B12, this also affects iron. are your stools black or sticky. is your blood Hb and red blood cell count normal. Im a nurse as well as a chronie lol x

  • My stools are never dark and always very soft or runny. My rbc is a little under the low level. My hbg is right on the low number.

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