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I am new to this forum but my husband is in hospital at the moment and I need some advice. Last month he had a colonoscopy as at least once a month he was having diareah with mucus in his stools. The colonoscopy diagnosed he had mild proctitis and he was given oral and a pessary to use until the consultant was to see him again in August. Whilst using the pessary is was causing itching and pain in his rectum so his GP said to stop using but continue with the oral medication. We went on holiday and he was fine bowel movement was normal then a few days after returning to the UK he was constantly on the loo. He was given Predosoline rectum foam to use which made it worse, he went back to his GP who told him to stop using and put him back on the pessary in the meantime he was on the loo at least 8 times in 24 hours. He is not in hospital they have done stool samples for C-Diff which was negative and gut cultures which were negative. His consultant says he may have colitis and he is still on the loo even 10 days after his first bought of direah. He is a chronic pan sufferer and now has the prospect of living with this new diagnosis. What will this mean foe him in the future? He is terrified that he will become house-bound with no real quality of life and he has already suffered for so long (8 years) with his back - please help with any advice!

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Hi, Im so sorry to hear your hubby going through such a rough time. once a definate diagnosis has been made then correct treatment can start. ask for tests at hospital like full colonoscopy with biopsies and either a CT or MRI. Iv had Crohns for over 20 years and have gone thru uni and qualified as a nurse (15 yrs ago) and currently work 20 hrs a week. although the Crohns hasn't stopped me I do fatigue very easily and being a single mum too I decided to work part time. I do also have constant abdo ache, but only gets worse when having a flare up, otherwise it just 'normal' for me and again doesn't get in the way of life.

if there any questions I can help with please just ask xx


Hi Willow24,

Thanks for the reply. He's now been discharged and has been told that he has mild proctitis. The medication they gave him they have told him to stop using. They have said if the diareah continues for 2 more weeks to go back to the GP. They said he hasn't got Chrohns. Is there a special diet that you have to be on to avoid flare ups like these?


hi, no special diet although i would recommend a low residue/fibre diet as it means the bowel doest have to work as hard. good luck xx


Wait for a diagnosis. Ulcerative Colitis can affect each sufferer in different ways. I was diagnosed in 2004, but by 2008 things weren't great. However, I've known others that were diagnosed before me and have had the occasional flare ups. So wait for a definite diagnosis


I have had UC for over 23 years. The toilet visits go in phases even now 10 times is not unusual but 2 times a day a treat. Im sure once they have sure idea whats going on it will stabilise. I try to have 2 glasses of wine a day as it gets acids in gut (supposed to help stop food poisoning) Avoid acidic foods less breads pastries etc. As wheat can be a problem for me. (Bloating wind etc) . You can just monitor if certain things irritate his bowel habits. as were all little different.

If and when travelling codeine is a help reduces toilet visits. if not Imodium as back up.

There is life after ,there is also an App for toilets incase out of usual area.

Needless to say stress can affect ,when travelling. Travelling can induce ,but planning and doing things at a certain pace can help.

Good luck,



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