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Made it to W4R3!

I can't tell you the sense of achievement I feel at having reached this point. I know there is a great deal of work left to do to achieve my 5K, but when I think back to W1R1 this week seemed a long way off. I even speeded up for the second half of the last 5 minute run!

W5 looks daunting but reading your blogs encourages me to look forward to the challenge. Also there is no going back now that I have invested in even more kit! (almost makes me feel like a real runner!).

Good luck to everyone, particularly those just starting out. If I can do it then you definitely can.

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Well done! Know what you mean re kit investment and to make it even worse, I've had kit bought for me as presents so there is no way I'm allowed to give up! I'd be letting my friends and family down too!

We're all in this together for the long run now (pun intended!) :D


I did the same run this morning. 2 days break now. I haven't looked at week 5 yet, but I will later. Are you finding you want to run on rest days now? I have been since i started week 4, it's hard to resist but I do. I can't wait til my next run!


I know exactly what you mean, I can't wait for the next run. Let us know how you get on with W5. Good luck!


Hey, well done, you are on your way and the time will fly by - keep it going


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