All downhill now to graduate on Friday :)

Thanks for input yesterday about whether I should do 2 x 30 minute runs on consecutive days just to beat a personal deadline!

Well, I did it: another 30+ minutes this sunny morning, so only two more left to complete the Week 9 requirements,

Will work tomorrow and run again on Wednesday.

Really hoping there will be another 5 x 50 to start soon, as I can see a time now when exercising every day will be possible - can always alternate with walking and using a 'wrinkly pass' at the local swimming pool - what a great/healthy ambition for retirement, eh? :D

Linda x


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  • Fantastic Linda, the finish line is so close! Can't wait to read your graduation blog!

    Yes, I hope there is another 5 x 50 soon, I've been thinking about new exercises I can take up, and plan to get my cobwebby bike out of the shed and see if I can still ride it without falling off! At least the kids will have a laugh!

  • Ewww yes, I'd forgotten I have a nice bike collecting bugs and cobwebs in the garage... Great idea thanks :)

  • Well dne - almost at the finishing post now!

    But hey - we've got the MalcyMeter ... it wouldn't take a lot more work to set up our own "just for fun" 5x50. Maybe we could make it the 30x50 (30 mins of any exercise x 50 days)? Or 15x52 (3 5K runs a week for a year?) Or some other pattern?

    I'm thinking of setting up yet another running web site - "" (:->) so it would have to be better than the existing ones. Not to replace or compete with C25K - nothing could replace this site - my thought is more along the lines of complementing what we have here.

    I'd be happy to do a 'C25K Callenge' as a starting point.

  • What an awesome idea! It's certainly true that one soon runs out of friends to support you if each and every month you are scrounging for a charitable contribution LOL ... But yes, love the idea of a follow-able pattern and lots of followers across the country/world?! An alternative sequel to C25K - brilliant ;)

    Must've missed the MalcyMeter blog ... Apols' will check it out now.

    Assume you are an IT guru? Have retired from teaching IT and Business both in the UK and NZ ... Let me know if you want any assistance - apart from my promise to be one of the first to 'sign up' :D

  • It came from a comment that the 5x50 site doesn't show team totals - the basic thing was easy to do and it just went from there. It's not a real 'product' and it's only the C25K 5x50-ers (if you see what I mean) that know about it.

    You can see it at

    I can't remember who dubbed it the "MalcyMeter" - not a name I would have chosen, but it seems to have stuck (:->)

    o you were a teacher - me too. I used to lead the Web Design & Development degree course at my university but I'm thinking of ducking out, and heading back into what passes for the real world. But I'd be making a leap of faith ... I'm good at what I do but Mrs Malcy needs to be convinced I could still keep her in the poverty to which she has become accustomed! She did, after all, marry me for my overdraft (:->)

  • Great, found the site just ahead of your reply! The best fun I had teaching was in NZ, where IT features in a truly technological curriculum, so my seniors seeking scholarships to kiwi and oz universities had to follow a complete trail of research and investigation to produce a website for a real business need. Had some amazing projects and in one of the top Ind Girls Schools in NZ (where, like here, tech was regarded as neither a useful nor 'girlie' subject,) we managed to get 3 of the first 7 IT scholarships ever awarded in the entire country! Happy days, but now pottering in part-time work and looking forward to retirement. And I married my Scottish born Malcy for his overdraft too ... Nothing changes LOL :D

  • I guess nobody goes into teaching to get rich ... After all, the big rewards go to the "hard working families" who deserve them. Cynical? Me?

  • I love the name MalcyMeter....and setting up our own challenge sounds great. It doesn't even need to be for charity (up to the individual) as people get fed up with too much contributing. I'm terrible with technology but if there is anything else I can help you with let me know ;-)

  • Maybe what would really appeal would be podcasts for b210k with the features that people really want! ;)

    30x30 - maybe stealing others' ideas though - but if 20+ days is enough for habit changing, perhaps it doesn't need to be 50 days long? Perhaps it could start afresh on the first day of each month?

    I'd like a running website that really welcomes and celebrates slower runners too!

    Maybe I'm getting a bit carried away!

  • you are on your way - not far to go - hope you have a good week, I would love to do a 5 X 50 not sure how I would fit it in but it would be fun to give it a go :-)

  • Not entirely sure I can while I still work part-time, but a good plan for retirement, eh? :)

  • Well done Linda....the finish line is in sight :) Great running 2 days in a row, I haven't tried that yet, but maybe this week. Keep going adn see you at the finish line :-D

  • Suspect the adrenalin worked in my favour this week cos I'm on a mission!!! :D Suspect that if I tried it too often all kinds of bits of my body would object - will get my fitness levels improved before it becomes a regular feature of my days :)

  • Big congrats Linda, tomorrow is my first run of week nine am hoping to graduate Saturday. See you at the finish line you are doing great

  • All the best, you'll cruise it ... just posted to someone else that the difference between W8 and W9 isn't enough time to boil an egg properly... and when you think that you cant even manage to pop upstairs when an egg is cooking you'll accept how tiny a portion of time this is! Lots of luck... seeya with that grad badge VERY soon :D xx

  • Well done, Linda - I'm counting down with you now!

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