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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words


Absolutely wacked, new compression socks with Achilles Tendon Support and Gel Heel Inserts on and ran for 1 hour 20 minutes 47 seconds!, with a distance of 14.15 kms (personal best so far). OK it was on the treadmill so no wind or big hills so not as hard as some of you are doing :D but comparable for me as just 12 weeks ago I could not run for 1 minute without stopping on the treadmill.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

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The picture does not upload detailed enough to show the sweat streaming off me, be thankful for small mercies :P

How on earth did you keep going for that time on a treadmill!!!! I have been running on a treadmill, but am geting so bored after the 30 minute programme! Well done though.

OlsBean in reply to caro8642

I've been using the Zombie Run app which helps alleviate the boredom, I use it with my own music playlist, then just get my head down and try to stay focused.


We can see enough that, unless you're a VERY good actor, you've been putting in a lot of effort. 14K in 80 mins is bood going - both for distance and time, so well done to you.

And, if it's any comfort, I insist that running on my mill is much harder than outdoors. . Maybe your experience is different but, either way, that was a magnificent achievement!

OlsBean in reply to Malcy

Thanks Malcy, I was aiming for 1hour 30 but I knew at 1:15 that I was starting to push it as my hips were getting real achey, and the virtual voice of some of the older and wiser runners from here came into my head, "Listen to your body" which I did, so hopefully I now live to run another day!


OMG I can't do 20 minutes on a dreadmill without the demon monkey yelling STOP NOW in my ear!! Thats incredible and your picture says it all, well done.

OlsBean in reply to Oldgirl

Thank you!


Brilliant picture!

I just can't imagine keeping going on a treadmill for that long - respect!

Unsolicited info coming up... You are adding on time/distance pretty fast there - here's an old thread about increasing distance after graduation (which you may have already seen, and which you are perfectly welcome to ignore of course!) couchto5k.healthunlocked.co... Don't go getting broken, now! Just after graduation is a very common time for people to end up injured.

OlsBean in reply to greenlegs

I really appreciate the words of wisdom, honestly I do! And I take on board a lot of what you have said to me now and in the past, I pulled the handbrake today for example for that reason.

I'm just like a dog with bone :-P I just get into something and I go at 200%, I did have a very short easy run on Wednesday though, I did 5k only (I think), my body really won't take me doing 14k 3 x a week lol :D That much I know.

Thanks again!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to OlsBean

Thanks for taking it the way it was intended - just concern you might be getting carried away! After I clicked 'reply' I did worry it came over too bossy (hard to turn off the teacher mode). Then again, maybe I'm just jealous! :)

The idea that a 5k is a short easy run! :O That really proves what utterly amazing progress you've made!


Wow, that's a fair old effort. Did you enjoy it?

I couldn't do that long on a treadmill, but we're all different! ;-)

OlsBean in reply to swanscot

I'm enjoying the sense of achievement post run not sure I enjoyed all of the run itself :-)


Wow that picture really does say it all doesn't it, knackered! :-) well done you though that's fan blooming tastic x

OlsBean in reply to Souki

Thank you!


Very well done!

Could you tell me a bit about your socks? Interested in buying something similar but have never seen anything like you describe.



OlsBean in reply to cvgough

I got them off Amazon Vic they were recommend to me by someone on here in my Achilles Tendon Question.


The socks I bought are black, I believe they do white also. So far they seem to help but I've only run once in them, here is the link to them on Amazon :-




Fantastic achievement! Well done! What on earth are you going to aim for next? And believe me, you look so much better after your 14.15k than I would after running only 5k :D


blimey, I'm not sure I will ever reach those dizzying heights...well done!!

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