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'Tight' knees

I have just done a 4th run on Week 2, and felt that my knees were a bit 'tight' I particularly felt discomfort just below my knee cap.

I have had problems with my knees before with hill walking, but managed to sort this out by working on my knee posture, and ensuring that I straightened my knee properly when walking.

Does anyone know of any good exercises to strengthen my knees a bit. I know this is not easy, and that knees aren't the best of nature's designs.

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Take is easy with those knees, There are lots of knee exercises that you can view on line, but you need the right one for you as you do not want to do any more damage. Look in the questions section as there are some good tips there.

Perhaps a knee support may help, but get an open knee type and expect to pay about £20 each for a decent one.

Make sure you land properly - again lots of tip online, look for good running posture on YOU TUBE -

Sorry to ramble on but I have just had to take some time out to let my knees recover and would not like for you to suffer the same fate.

Good luck and well done for getting this far :-)


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