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Disappointed with painful knees


So it’s now 9 days since I ran! I did week 1 twice, did week 2 day 1 with one slightly sore knee and felt like I was beginning to make progress till after that last run. Oh my word I have hardly been able to walk since then and both knees are now very sore. Too sore to run even with supports. I am gutted as I felt truly committed to this but do not want to cause damage to my knees. I am thinking I need to perhaps strengthen my knees on cross trainer and lose at least a couple of stones ( I am more than 5 stones overweight) Anybody else experienced knee problems and how did you resolve them thanks

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I had really achy knees in the beginning and spent some time learning how to run softer after advice from someone. It really helped the less hard you hit the ground when you run the less stress on your joints. Good supportive shoes and cushioned insoles are good too. Lots and lots of stretches post run and knee flexing.

If you are really worried maybe have a check up at gp just to make sure all is ok. It should pass after the first couple of weeks. Being overweight def puts extra stress on the old knees ( I have 6 stones I'd rather I didn't 😊) but it is doable if you take care.

Best of luck x

Sore knees is very, very common - you can tell by the amount of posts there are on the subject! I have never been a runner and struggled very badly at the start, at one point I had to take 3 weeks off and the pain was unbelievable. What I found extremely useful was a cross trainer if you have access to one. I repeated my runs on the app using the cross trainer which gives the same benefits as running but low impact on joints, just to keep moving and active. I did this until one day I realised my kneel has healed, then I went back to running. Do not try taking painkillers and running before they have healed, you will make it worse and end up with more time off - sadly I learnt that the hard way! You will get there! Xx

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Doing the C25K on the cross-trainer was something I initially thought about doing but I can't seem to work out how to go really slow on it for the recovery intervals. My heart rate is always high on that equipment.

In the end, five weeks ago, I just went outside and jogged it. Today, I felt my first knee twitch when I stopped the cooldown walking. I shall have to keep my eye on it and see how it fares on Friday for the 20 minutes continuous.

But next week I am planning to go on the cross-trainer at the gym on the rest days as the kids are all back at school.

Thank you, yeah I do have a cross trainer and did think that might help without my knees bearing the impact. Xx


I had painful calf’s and shins at exactly the same time as you and haven’t ran for a week. Know exactly how you feel. Going to start again next week and see how I get on !

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I am on a train returning after a very active 5 Days in London walking over 45 miles while sightseeing. It’s now 2 weeks since I ran but my knees feel a bit better so I am going to try and carry on where I left off on week 2 and see how it feels. I have got to get back to it while the enthusiasm is still with me! Hope you recover soon and make progress with your running xx

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Good luck with it... I have now come down with flu so week 2 of no excercise :( will try to get back into later this week


Yep. Aches and pains absolutely suck. Sometimes they almost put me off! I guess it’s making sure everything is correct- stretching, trainers etc but sometimes I guess it can be our bodies getting used to a totally new thing.


I too am overweight- probably nearer 7stone in my case. I’ve just done W9R2. Prior to the programme I had really painful knees with moderate osteoarthritis - good running shoes and advice on orthotics has made all the difference. I feel better than I’ve done for 30 years and am confident I will have an active retirement


Have you managed to pick up the running again, MrsWobble ?

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This is all going to sound like the excuses I have used for many years but it really is true.

So I went on a break to London for 5 Days and walked more than 45 miles happily noticing that my knees were improving and the prospect of picking up my running again. I got home and within hours came down with a really heavy cold which is now on my chest and I can barely breathe. Hopefully before the end of this week I will be feeling better and ready to go again. Thank you for asking and I hope things are going well for you xx

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