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Hello again dear friends!!

Oh dear, two months since I last ran and I was doing so well! I'd made it past the dreaded week 5 run 3 and could almost see that shiny graduation badge....alas, life decided to throw in a distraction or three so it's back to square one for me, not that I really mind, every run is satisfying if you have to work for it :)

Anywho, week 1, run 1. Gotta start somewhere and this was it. I didn't have the podcast as my boyfriend has "borrowed" the necessary usb lead (don't worry, he's in BIG trouble when he gets home, how DARE he compromise my friendship with the lovely Laura?!) so I had to do my own intervals. Nevertheless, it was a success even if I did look like a mutant beetroot...

As the majority of my old blogging community have probably graduated to pastures new I should probably explain that I live in Exeter (the city built on giant bubble wrap) which means hills, lots of the buggers and there's no avoiding them unless you want to join civilization in the town centre (no thanks!). Combined with fair skin it makes for some spectacular complexions ranging from close-to-death grey to deep burgundy (the sort a wine connoisseur would get excited about). All in all, I'm slowly turning into the local myth to scare children with at bedtime.

It's good to be back...I know I can make it to at least the end of week 5 because I've been there gets said all the time but it really is true; trust in the program and you'll be fine. Hello to all the people who've joined since I last checked in in February, good luck!!! :D

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You can do it!! Nice to meet you :) enjoy being back x


Good to meet you! I lived in Exeter for a while a good few years back, and quite see that it's not really ideal for starting to run...! ;)


You can do it, especially since you had run the dreaded Week 5 run 3 earlier! I also restarted the program after close to 2 months layoff. I had completed the Week 3 before my break, but I decided to resume with Week 3 run 1. I am now just 4 runs from graduation. Believe me, the improvement in your endurance level doesn't go away. So if you feel up to it, I would recommend skipping 2-3 weeks. Have fun!


Ha ha - mutant beetroot :D That's exactly how I feel! Welcome back - like you say, you know you can do this and I reckon you'll sail through it this time :)


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